Aviary on Fifth Avenue

More window shopping along Fifth Avenue at Bergdorf Goodman’s, this vignette is called A Bird’s Eye View. These windows glow  like jewels at night but during the day they play with the reflections of the city, creating a wintery dreamscape. Beyond all the white feathered birds here, I love the languid gesture of both the peacock’s neck and the manikin’s arm! In the final photo a woman seems to materialize from a glowing curtain of feathers!

  1. Magi Leland says:

    I can see a Marie painting materializing from the last photo of the women w feathers!
    Merry Christmas from NH.

  2. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    Window shopping these amazing windows, on that perfectly wonderful trip to RCA music Hall & other varied sites, would have been special & Holiday spectacular.

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