Bed of Ghosts to a Private Collection

 Marie Cameron with her painting, Bed of Ghosts,  2013

Marie Cameron with her painting, Bed of Ghosts


Bed of Ghosts, found it’s way to a new home in the Santa Cruz Mountains this weekend – a surprise birthday present from husband to wife! It’s always exciting to me when a painting finds the perfect place it’s supposed to be.  I’ll miss these little fawns but look forward to  continuing to work with this theme: the startling glimpse of the surreal and vulnerable white in the dark and dormant woods – a ghost deer or an albino redwood, they both make for a haunting image. The albino deer make for such easy targets in the wild sadly, and if the internet is any judge, a desirable trophy for certain hunters (the one that I was lucky enough to see in the Sierras lived in a gated community). I hear there are albino redwoods nearby and I’d love to see them too although the conservationists are understandably guarding their locations closely. I will continue to paint their improbable beauty from a distance.



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