Dog(wood) Days of Spring

Each week that passes brings on a glorious new wave of blooms – this week it’s the dogwood that’s caught my eye. I’m amazed by the variety in my very own neighborhood (sadly the white one I planted next to my studio isn’t blooming this year as it’s still struggling to get enough sun).

Dogwood - curly pink, blue sky- Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood - curly pink - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood - creamy chartreuse - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood - white - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood - dark pink on blue- Marie Cameron 2015

Of course I do have a vintage teacup that had been begging for little dogwood bouquet, it’s tri-footed base is too wonky for tea anyway!

Dogwood Tea Photo 5 - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood Tea Photo 1 - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood Tea Photo 2 - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood Tea Photo 3 - Marie Cameron 2015

Dogwood Tea Photo 3 - Marie Cameron 2015

“Am I indifferent to thee?”, the dogwood symbolizes durability and endurance in the Victorian lexicon of flowers, because of it’s strong wood, said in Christian lore to be the wood used in the crucifixion with it’s bracts showing the nail holes at their tips and the crown of thorns at their center. How did it get that name? Some say it was because it’s bark was used to rid dogs of the mange. Others say it evolved from “dagwood” as daggers were made from this strong material. A lot of heavy symbolism to contrast against this delicate cup and bloom –  I wonder which bird seems suitable to add to the mix?

Dogwood Dark Pink - Marie Cameron 2015

  1. Elizabeth Cameron says:

    There is a bird in the shadows —at center. #’s 1, 3 4 photos I like best for painting. A Purple finch has that nice wine coloration, if I remember correctly. Your street has wonders of gardens, trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers…..plantings, makes for a lovely walk…..I’ll be taking in July, THANKS.

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