Making Pansy Tea

Those wild birds simply refuse to join me in the studio but through the miracle that is Photoshop I am able to integrate my birding photos with my still-life set ups. I can use my magic lasso and drag them about with my mouse, scale them up or down and even flip them if so required until they find their place in the composition. So immediate, so satisfying!  Here’s a tip though, make sure your light sources are coming from the same direction of you’re going to have to make it up on the painting side.

Now which one to choose?

Pansy Tea Prototype 1 - Marie Cameron 2014

Female Lesser Goldfinch

The overlapping of the pansies in the foreground help to anchor the bird in the space. I’m going to look at more reference photos for standing feet but this is enough to get me started.

Pansy Tea Prototype 2  - Marie Cameron 2014 web

Male and Female Lesser Goldfinch.

Cropping of the subject is a nice modern device and can balance out the male’s tail in the composition.

Pansy Tea Prototype 3 Marie Cameron 2014

I love how this one is all stretched out and peering beyond the image but will need some legs though as there is no longer a perch available.


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