Monterey Cypress Completed

Each painting takes its own path. Some paintings effortlessly appear as you draw your paint across the canvas with your brush.  Not so often. More frequently you need to do more than just show up.  Usually it’s a process of really looking, laying down what you think you see and then really looking again. Sometimes you need to rethink your approach and paint over or scrape off or even toss out and start again. Mostly you need to be brave enough to push yourself and patient enough to let it all unfold.

Marie Cameron Monterey Cypress, Point Lobos oil on canvas 2012

Marie Cameron’s Monterey Cypress, Point Lobos commission oil on canvas 2012

  1. Rich, fresh, vibrant and with amazing attitude! Love it to bits ! Congratulations.

  2. mariecameron says:

    So glad you like it Sandra, hopefully it will be even better in person!

  3. Very, very nice.
    I love the softness even tho the coastal waters & waters-edge growth suggest a certain wildness of wind & water & surf, this painting, however has a soothing effect, for me @ least.

    It’s as if, & you spoke of receding fog that day, the wind had blown that misty fog out to sea, turning the sea a faultless blue & becoming a flat calm, as the foam & froth flattens & the sea returns to a softly breathing hush.

  4. mariecameron says:

    Beautifully said!

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