Among the Hedgerows and Hydrangeas (WIP)

I’ve started work on a new commission this week which I’m calling Among the Hedgerows and Hydrangeas.  My challenge here will be to blend my realist style with a softer nod to impressionism. I must learn to make sure what I see doesn’t interfere with my creative license!

Initial oil sketch – note the water fountain / urn that will soon disappear….


… favor of a garden sprite! It’s loose but not lovely…yet….

It’s starting to get that turn of the century feel I’m after but too loose for my taste, I like a painting, especially of this size (16 x 20″), to hold up to closer inspection.

I think I’m starting to head down that realism path …. no worries….it’s only paint!



Monterey Cypress Completed

Each painting takes its own path. Some paintings effortlessly appear as you draw your paint across the canvas with your brush.  Not so often. More frequently you need to do more than just show up.  Usually it’s a process of really looking, laying down what you think you see and then really looking again. Sometimes you need to rethink your approach and paint over or scrape off or even toss out and start again. Mostly you need to be brave enough to push yourself and patient enough to let it all unfold.

Marie Cameron Monterey Cypress, Point Lobos oil on canvas 2012

Marie Cameron’s Monterey Cypress, Point Lobos commission oil on canvas 2012