In the Garden with Fireflies

In my life’s garden my wealth has been of the shadows and lights that are never gathered and stored. Tagore

So beautiful and true. The moments that touch us the deepest or shatter us to the core are not the fabric of selfies and blogs. Even wedding photographs and announcements of births and deaths that attempt to evoke our happiness and sadness can only hint at the vast truth of it all.

I know that our photographs, our paintings, our words are only little things. A small attempt to gather and store and share something around the edges of meaning.

And so that’s just what this is, my little moment in a story-book garden with a book of poetry.

My fancies are fireflies, – specks of living light twinkling in the dark.  -Tagore


Among the Hedgerows and Hydrangeas (WIP)

I’ve started work on a new commission this week which I’m calling Among the Hedgerows and Hydrangeas.  My challenge here will be to blend my realist style with a softer nod to impressionism. I must learn to make sure what I see doesn’t interfere with my creative license!

Initial oil sketch – note the water fountain / urn that will soon disappear….


… favor of a garden sprite! It’s loose but not lovely…yet….

It’s starting to get that turn of the century feel I’m after but too loose for my taste, I like a painting, especially of this size (16 x 20″), to hold up to closer inspection.

I think I’m starting to head down that realism path …. no worries….it’s only paint!