My Talk Art interview on YouTube!

Still from Marie Cameron's Florilegia Talk Art Interview

Still from “Marie Cameron’s Florilegia”  Talk Art  – click on the photo to see the interview.

My recent  TV  interview Marie Cameron’s Florilegia – Talk Art has been posted on YouTube. In this 30 minute piece I talk with host Sally Rayn about my background and process, I relate a few stories about some of my pieces and demo the process of making my Florilegia assemblage paintings.

I do have a few corrections I’d like to make ( one take, no edits):

1) The Acadian’s were fleeing the expulsion of 1755 (not 1777).

2) 60 to 90 of the original band of Acadians are said to have survived the winter at Morden (not the 30 I postulated).

3) The early Greek shallow cup I was trying to refer to is called a kylix or cylix (my tongue was debating what to say and I finally went for “bowl”).

4) It’s from 490 BC (not the 1490 BC that slipped out of my mouth).

I hope that’s it!

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