Painting Pansy Tea for Two

I couldn’t resist painting another Pansy Teacup and Lesser Goldfinch combo. I decided to keep with the ring theme too. I think it adds to the symbolism of the pansy  – “Think of me”.

Pansy Tea For Two - WIP 1- Marie Cameron 2014

There will still be pattern in the background but I painted in the base first, after my outline sketch. Notice how the hue is warmer closer to the light source then gets progressively cooler and darker further away.

Pansy Tea For Two - WIP 2- Marie Cameron 2014

I painted in in the male Lesser Goldfinch right away – I like to make sure I get my main focal point right before I go too far.

Pansy Tea For Two - WIP 3- Marie Cameron 2014

The female Lesser Goldfinch is my secondary focal point.  Having more that one focus helps to move the eye around the painting.

Pansy Tea For Two - WIP 4- Marie Cameron 2014

Roughing in the flowers and teacup and ring. Throwing caution to the wind with my use of whimsey!

Pansy Tea For Two - WIP 5- Marie Cameron 2014

The trick from here on out is to balance refinement with freshness. I had to call it a day here and hope that I don’t wreck it tomorrow!


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