Painting Wildflower

Wildflower - WIP day 1 - Marie Cameron 2015

I love starting a new piece first thing on a Monday morning, with whole week stretching out before me for miles and miles and nothing on my schedule but a paintbrush! I feel a fresh sense of ease and possibility!

Wildflower Day 1 - 2  WIP Marie Cameron 2015

I’m so excited to be working on this painting!  It’s a portrait of a singing man, wearing the wreath of wildflowers his daughter had just made.

Wildflower - Day I -3 Marie Cameron 2015

Wildflower WIP Day 2 - Marie Cameron 2015

I’m going to try and portray a sense of this man’s beautiful spirt, his joie de vivre.

I’ll keep adding to this post until the painting is complete.

Wildflower - Day 5 WIP - photo Marie Cameron

Day 5 – trying to bring some richness to the background but concerned about loosing all the spontaneity!

Wildflower - Marie Cameron 2015 oil  48 x 48 in

Day 11? I’ve lost track, but I’m done and I’m so delighted with this piece!

Marie Cameron with completed Wildflower - 2015

Working on a portrait is so challenging but the rewards can be huge! I am so grateful to my subject and his lovely daughter who made this painting possible in every way.

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