Rosewater & Pistachio Ice Cream!

 Rosewater & Pistachio Artisanal Ice Cream

Mmmmmmm, one of the perks of having creative friends! My film making, picture taking, yarn bombing friend, Marie Hetherington brought her artisanal ice cream to my Open Studio – Rosewater & Pistachios, it was like she’d crawled into my subconscious and designed it especially for me! For more on this amazing woman click on the photo above for her website, I’m not saying you’ll get ice cream, but who knows!

Real Rosebuds

Those are real rose buds baby!

To paint or to eat?

Doesn’t it look like like my palette?

Pretty as a picture

Or my painting for that matter?

Marie Hetherington and Marie Cameron and art ice cream.

Should I eat it or paint it Marie?

We ate it!

Well, yes – we ate it! And no regrets right Judy and Ann?  It was heavenly!

Close Up and Spoony

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