Tower of Bauble at the Art Party!

I so loved Marianne Lettieri’s Tower of Bauble that was on exhibit at Anne & Mark’s Art Party that I thought I should group all the details in a single post. As a collector of antique and vintage bits and bobs, this six foot Victorian column of ceramic chachkis really connected with me! The mania of collecting, the pile of stuff that looses it’s meaning in its mass, or perhaps presents a new meaning, one that points out the derangement of our obsessions and unending desire for more…and still the lesson doesn’t sink in and I am drawn like a moth to flame by mounds of decorative color and pattern!  I’d love to hear Marianne Letteri’s thoughts behind her work!





  1. Marie, your thoughts pretty much nailed it. Tower of Bauble questions why we acquire these things in the first place and why it is hard to let them go. Are they stand-ins for people, memories, ideas of beauty? How does value shift through ownership? I purchased most of the ceramic items at thrift stores, and many were accumulated through gifts from people who didn’t want them anymore and felt some comfort abandoning them with an artist. But, mostly, the piece is just eye candy!

  2. mariecameron says:

    Love it!

  3. Lisa Frey says:

    I love going to estate sales and seeing what others have collected over time. I would have enjoyed collecitng all these cool pieces with you! I agree with the premise of your piece! if you ever find someone with an answer, let me know! (I still have a box of pointe shoes that need decorating….haha.)

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