TV Show?

I’m normally in bed soon after the sun sets but I made a special exception last night. I’m being considered for a guest spot on SV Talk Art and the director, Nance Wheeler had asked me to come in to their Mid Peninsula Media Center studio to learn the ropes while they taped an episode. I got to be a colorful fly on the wall as the crew set the lights, cameras and microphones for host Sally Rayn to interview artist Judy Gittelsohn. I had no idea how much was involved in getting everything ready to go!  All the lights are angled and tinted, the paintings tilted and adjusted, all the cords plugged in and equipment checked to see if it’s working properly. Testing, testing testing! I must remember to wear something cool under all those hot lights or I will be running like a watercolor wash! These broadcasts are designed to provide insight into the art and artists that participate in the Silicon Valley Open Studios. I took part in SVOS last spring, and it was such a magical event I can’t wait to do it all over again this year! You can find SV Talk Art on You Tube, information on Silicon Valley Open Studios at and more about Judy at

Judy Gittelsohn on Monitor - Marie Cameron 2012

There is a monitor in the studio where the guest artist, Judy Gittelsohn, can comment on her paintings as they are shown on screen while taping.

Cables - Marie Cameron 2012

Pretty cables coiled like snakes.

Demo Camera - Marie Cameron 2012

Camera #3 will shoot Judy’s Demo Painting.


Director Nance Wheeler, host Sally Rayn and guest artist Judy Gittelsohn prep.

Sally and Judy Rehearse - Marie Cameron 2012

Sally and Judy sit and make light banter for lighting and sound check.

Crew Adjusts Lighting  - Marie Cameron 2012

The crew makes final lighting adjustments.


    ART, its personalities, its furtherment, all to the GOOD. Telecasting, yet another form of art, along with MEDIA.

    Great to have SVOS and its especially chosen, talented members, selected paintings and other artworks HIGHLIGHTED and brought before the public via this local mid-peninsular media group. I look toward a clip or “tuning” in to the entire segment featuring “our Marie” at her best, smiling, cleverly engaged, spilling over with enthusiasm for ART in all its forms. ENJOY, I certainly will.

    Judy’s site, artforwellbeing is aptly titled. Hear, hear!

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