Unleashing the Creative Woman

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon 2015I was recognized as an Achiever in Art and Letters by the Santa Clara Branch of the The National League of American Pen Women!

I was among seven other professional women working in Art, Letters and Composition to receive this honor yesterday at their celebrity luncheon.

Patricia Dennis, Carolyn Larsen, Patricia Sherwood in Arts.

Ann Bridges and Clare Mullin in Letters.

Melody Sheppard and Deanna Grenier-Mullins in Music.

It turns out that three of us already know each other well – Patricia Sherwood, Carolyn Larsen and I are all members of the Los Gatos Museums Gallery!

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon Pat Sherwood, Marie Cameron, Carolyn Larsen

It was fascinating meeting the other honorees. Here, I’m sitting with authors Ann Bridges and Clare Mullin as we are being introduced on stage. It’s so surreal hearing your bio read out in third person – like you’re hearing about someone else!

The National League of American Pen Women is such a great group of wildly talented, supportive and fun professional women! They have been gathering since 1897, to “encourage, recognize, and promote the production of creative work of professional standard in Art, Letters, and Music, and through outreach activities provide educational, creative, and professional support to members and non-members in these disciplines,” (NLAPW).

I’ve been invited to become a member, and with the likes of Erma Bombeck, Janet Daily, Helen Keller, Georgia O’Keefe, Dale Evans, Helen Thomas, Eudora Welty as one time members (according to the Cape Canaveral Chapter of the NLAPW’s website) – I’d be in great company!

Beyond meeting and networking and exhibiting, the NLAPW raises lots of money for scholarships in these artistic fields – this fundraising luncheon was flush with raffles and silent auctions to this end.

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon 2015 Raffle Time

In fact, I was selling and signing copies of my illustrated books, with 20% of the purchase price at this event going directly into NLAPW’s scholarship fund.

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon 2015- Book Signing

Candace Long, self described creative and president of NLAPW was headlining the event, with her inspirational talk “Unleashing the Creative Woman” which spoke of her own creative journey and how to recognize and honor your personal one. She even let loose with her own, spirited song!

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon 2015 - President Candace Long

I was delighted to run into author Marilyn August (an Achiever Honoree of 2014 and personal acquaintance) who co-wrote To Catch a Virus.

NLAPW Celebrity Luncheon 2015 with Marilyn August

How wonderful to be recognized by your peers for the work that you do and have the open all kinds of doors of connection and support to you and for you to offered that opportunity to do it for others in turn! Much thanks to artist Marilyn Miller for nominating me and for introducing me to NPLAW!

NLAPW 2015 Mary, Judy, Marie, Ann, Jess web

A big thanks to my girlfriends (all professional women from very different fields – teaching, accounting, teaching, dentistry) who came out to celebrate with me – having dear friends by your side makes everything even better!

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