When To Put Down the Brush?

It’s been a long time since I’ve done plein air. Since having my children it’s been easier to be a studio painter. Painting in the open air teaches you to paint in the moment, to rely on the gesture and the medium, to lay down your poetry on the canvas quickly before the light changes or your fingers freeze or the bugs chase you away!  Plein air works are known for having a freshness and vibrancy that their over worked studio counterparts can sometimes lack. It’s a good lesson for all artists and one I struggle with daily. When to put down the brush!

That brings me to my recent foray in plein air, against good advise, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and continued to rework my persimmon painting once back in my studio. Every painting is a learning experience, but I put it to you, do you prefer my pre-studio or post-studio version better?

Marie Cameron plein air persimmon painting pre & post studio 2012

My plein air persimmon painting pre & post studio – which one do you prefer?


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