La Estancia

I had the chance to paint with the Los Gatos Art Association’s Plein Air Group a few weeks ago at La Estancia in Los Gatos. I’m afraid I don’t get out with them more than once or twice a year but I always love it when I do manage to break away from the studio. They are such a great group of talented artists who generously share tips and ideas. It’s so invigorating being out “in the field” trying to throw it all down before the light changes or soup’s on!

Vincent Liu

Liz Fennell

Wheelbarrow full of arts supplies!

Veronica Gross

My painting in progress – the tree was in silhouette when I began.

My  11X14″ oil – trying to keep it colorful, wild and loose!

Nancy Takaichi’s palm painting.

Lisha Wang

Kathy Carlquist

Al Shamble

Rebecca White’s oil.

Gathering after lunch for the critique.

So many paintings in only few hours!

Sam Pearson’s pastel.

Will Maller leading the critique and discussion.

Will Maller’s palm.


HUGE turn out for the Los Gatos Art Association‘s Greater Bay Area Open juried exhibition held at the New Museums of Los Gatos on Saturday! Juror Peggi Kroll-Roberts chose 66 pieces for this regional show sponsored by the Los Gatos Art Association.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015- Mary Ellen Comport

Mary Ellen Comport, on behalf of the New Museums of Los Gatos spoke eloquently about the important intersection of art, history and community and the important roles that NUMU, LGAA and LGMG play in this endeavor. Afterwards LGAA’s Elke Groves and Jeff Owen, co-chairs of the event, announced the awards.

GBAO - Vincent Liu- Firefighter with Dogs - Oil - NUMU -2015

Vincent Liu was awarded best in show for his oil Fireman and Dogs.

GBAO - Maralyn Miller - Lavender and Gold - Oil - NUMU -2015

Maralyn Miller won first place for her oil, Lavender and Gold.

GBAO - Craig Sanborn - Deception of Indepence - charcaol, carbon, pastel - 2015

Craig Sanborn drew second place for his charcoal, carbon, pastel drawing,  Deception of Independence.

GBAO - Carol Bower - Kami - soft pastel - 2015

Carol Bower took third place for her soft pastel, Kami.

GBAO - Karen Olsen - French Pears - Watercolor - NUMU -2015

Karen Olsen was awarded an honorable mention for her water color, French Pears.

GBAO - Ron and Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila and his photographSpring Green and Yellow #3 - NUMU 2015

Ron Dell’Aquila captured an honorable mention for his photograph, Spring Green and Yellow #3.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

Wayne Adachi won an honorable mention for his painting, Bangkok Street Food #2 ( in the middle).

GBAO - David Massey - The Climb - watercolor - 2015

David Massey won an honorable mention for his watercolor, The Climb.

GBAO - Ellen Howard - Serve them Up! oil NUMU 2015

Ellen Howard received an Honorable Mention for her oil, Serve them Up!

GBAO - Carol Collins - Join the Pink Warriors - Digital Photography Composite - NUMU - 2015

Carol Collins with her intriguing digital photography composite, Join the Pink Warriors delves into her personal battle with cancer.

GBAO - Kim Newell - Sophia- Oil- NUMU -2015

Kim Newell and her oil, Sophia.

GBAO - Rebex Nie - Magnolia II - Acrylic - NUMU -2015               GBAO - Kerrie Brandau - George - oil -  2015              GBAO - <a href=

Rebex Nie with her acrylic Magnolias II, Kerrie Brandau with her oil, George and Joan Drennan with her oil, Cherry Chevy.

GBAO - Donna Orme -Wake Up - Acrylic - NUMU -2015

Donna Orme with her acrylic, Wake Up.

GBAO - Nancy Takaichi - First Snow - oil - 2015

Nancy Takaichi with her oil, First Snow.

GBAO - Elwira Barbara Maszara - Trufle - watercolor - 2015

Elwira Barbara Maszara and her watercolor Trufle.

GBAO - Scott L Holtslander - Merced River at Sentinel Rock - Photography - 2015           GBAO - Veronica Gross - Painters at Moran Lake Park  Watercolor - 2015          GBAO - Marie Cameron - Forget-me-not Tea II- Oil - NUMU -2015

Scott L Holtslander with his photograph, Merced River at Sentinel Rock, Veronica Gross with her watercolor, Painters at Moran Lake Park and me with my oil, Forget-me-not Tea II.

GBAO - Al Shamble - Pirates Cove, Plein Air - oil - 2015

Al Shamble with his oil, Pirates Cove, Plein Air.

GBAO - Anita Hittle - Molly - Oil - NUMU -2015

Anita Hittle with her oil, Molly.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

GBAO - Reception at NUMU

GBAO Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO  Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

GBAO - Kim Newell at NUMU- 2015

The exhibition runs through to the end of August.

LGAA Fall Show 2012

It’s great to take part in the community art scene!  Sunday was one of those unbearably beautiful fall days of bright blue skies and amber-red leaves and I made it to the opening reception of the Los Gatos Art Association Fall 2012 Juried Show at the Addison- Penzak Jewish Community Center with platter full of torrone in hand. Juror John Agg, executive director of the Art Museum of Los Gatos welcomed the rowdy crowd with pronouncements on the fine quality of the art before the awards were announced – my award was that both Imprint and Last Stand had been included in the exhibition in the largest category of oil. I got to meet lots of new faces and see some really outstanding work!

John Agg- juror LGAA JCC 2012

Juror John Agg addressing the crowd before the presentation of awards.

Marie Cameron with Last Stand LGAA JCC 2012

Me with my painting Last Stand at the LGAA Fall 2012 Juried Members Show

Rebecca White - Grey Boat, Moss Landing and Marie Cameron LGAA JCC 2012

With Rebecca Lillis White and her painting Grey Boat, Moss Landing (below)

Marie Cameron with Imprint LGAA JCC 2012

With Imprint (it’s so hard to shoot oils!).

Karen White North Coast Cloudshower LGAA JCC 2012

Karen White with her painting North Coast Cloudshower.

Karen White - Uptown Market LGAA JCC 2012

Karen White’s painting Uptown Market.  See more at

Ron Dell'Aquila with Shop Girl 1 LGAA JCC 2012

Photographer Ron Dell’Aquila with Shop Girl 1

Ron Dell'Aquila Shop Girl 2 LGAA JCC 2012

Ron Dell’Aquila’s photograph Shop Girl 2.   Check out his website,

Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - Strength Through Tribulation LGAA JCC 2012

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila with her painting Strength Through Tribulation  –

Thalia Stratton -  Montgomery and Washington LGAA JCC 2012

Thalia Stratton’s painting Montgomery and Washington  –

Nancy Cheadle - Antique Pitcher & Cherries LGAA JCC 2012

Nancy Cheadle with her paintings Antique Pitcher and Cherries –

Grace Tang - Skyline LGAA JCC 2012

Grace Tang with her painting Skyline.

Shlepping Art Around Town

The thing about showing your art is that you need to shlep it around a bit but I’m up for it!

Shell Grave is just too large for my Prius so instead of making other arrangements,  I decided to walk it down to the Los Gatos Museums Gallery where it will hang for the next three months. We both got a little air and exercise and I’m sure we made a pretty picture too. Hey, where is a photographer when you need one! There will be a holiday reception for this show Thursday, November 29 from 6-8:30 pm.

Imprint and Last Stand were handed off to a gauntlet of very capable  Los Gatos Art Association volunteers for installation in the  LGAA Fall 2012 Juried Members Show which will run until December 1 at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center in Los Gatos.  There will be a reception Sunday, November 4 from 1-3 pm.

Marie Cameron brings Shell Grave to LGMG 2012

Didn’t even break a sweat carrying my painting Shell Grave across town!

October Intake at LGMG 2012

Last exhibitions’ works are signed out and new ones brought in.

Busy Art Intake LGMG 2012

Artists schedule volunteer days.

Art Intake Day Hang tags LGMG 2012

Artists fill out and apply hang tags for artworks.

Yao-pi Hsu brings her photograph of chairs in to LGMG 2012

Yao-pi Hsu brings in her captivating photograph of chairs, Celebration. See more of her work at

Marie Cameron brings Imrpint & Last Stand to JCC 2012

Here I am at the JCC with Imprint & Last Stand for the LGAA Fall 2012 Juried Members Show.


Imprint & Last Stand Juried Into Show

Today I was informed that my paintings Imprint and Last Stand were selected by John Agg, Executive Director of the Los Gatos Museum of Art for the Los Gatos Art Association Fall 2012 Members Juried Show! It’s always interesting to see which of the submitted pieces are chosen, and it’s nice to have both a figure and a landscape representing my work. The show will be held at the Jewish Community Center at 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA  from November 4 – December 2. An opening reception will be held Sunday November 4 from 1 – 4 pm.

Marie Cameron Last Stand 2011 oil on canvas

Marie Cameron’s Last Stand was one of two paintings juried into the LGAA Fall 2012 Members Show.

Marie Cameron Imprint 1997 oil on board  Private Collection

Marie Cameron’s Imprint was one of two paintings juried into the LGAA Fall 2012 Members Show.