HUGE turn out for the Los Gatos Art Association‘s Greater Bay Area Open juried exhibition held at the New Museums of Los Gatos on Saturday! Juror Peggi Kroll-Roberts chose 66 pieces for this regional show sponsored by the Los Gatos Art Association.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015- Mary Ellen Comport

Mary Ellen Comport, on behalf of the New Museums of Los Gatos spoke eloquently about the important intersection of art, history and community and the important roles that NUMU, LGAA and LGMG play in this endeavor. Afterwards LGAA’s Elke Groves and Jeff Owen, co-chairs of the event, announced the awards.

GBAO - Vincent Liu- Firefighter with Dogs - Oil - NUMU -2015

Vincent Liu was awarded best in show for his oil Fireman and Dogs.

GBAO - Maralyn Miller - Lavender and Gold - Oil - NUMU -2015

Maralyn Miller won first place for her oil, Lavender and Gold.

GBAO - Craig Sanborn - Deception of Indepence - charcaol, carbon, pastel - 2015

Craig Sanborn drew second place for his charcoal, carbon, pastel drawing,  Deception of Independence.

GBAO - Carol Bower - Kami - soft pastel - 2015

Carol Bower took third place for her soft pastel, Kami.

GBAO - Karen Olsen - French Pears - Watercolor - NUMU -2015

Karen Olsen was awarded an honorable mention for her water color, French Pears.

GBAO - Ron and Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila and his photographSpring Green and Yellow #3 - NUMU 2015

Ron Dell’Aquila captured an honorable mention for his photograph, Spring Green and Yellow #3.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

Wayne Adachi won an honorable mention for his painting, Bangkok Street Food #2 ( in the middle).

GBAO - David Massey - The Climb - watercolor - 2015

David Massey won an honorable mention for his watercolor, The Climb.

GBAO - Ellen Howard - Serve them Up! oil NUMU 2015

Ellen Howard received an Honorable Mention for her oil, Serve them Up!

GBAO - Carol Collins - Join the Pink Warriors - Digital Photography Composite - NUMU - 2015

Carol Collins with her intriguing digital photography composite, Join the Pink Warriors delves into her personal battle with cancer.

GBAO - Kim Newell - Sophia- Oil- NUMU -2015

Kim Newell and her oil, Sophia.

GBAO - Rebex Nie - Magnolia II - Acrylic - NUMU -2015               GBAO - Kerrie Brandau - George - oil -  2015              GBAO - <a href=

Rebex Nie with her acrylic Magnolias II, Kerrie Brandau with her oil, George and Joan Drennan with her oil, Cherry Chevy.

GBAO - Donna Orme -Wake Up - Acrylic - NUMU -2015

Donna Orme with her acrylic, Wake Up.

GBAO - Nancy Takaichi - First Snow - oil - 2015

Nancy Takaichi with her oil, First Snow.

GBAO - Elwira Barbara Maszara - Trufle - watercolor - 2015

Elwira Barbara Maszara and her watercolor Trufle.

GBAO - Scott L Holtslander - Merced River at Sentinel Rock - Photography - 2015           GBAO - Veronica Gross - Painters at Moran Lake Park  Watercolor - 2015          GBAO - Marie Cameron - Forget-me-not Tea II- Oil - NUMU -2015

Scott L Holtslander with his photograph, Merced River at Sentinel Rock, Veronica Gross with her watercolor, Painters at Moran Lake Park and me with my oil, Forget-me-not Tea II.

GBAO - Al Shamble - Pirates Cove, Plein Air - oil - 2015

Al Shamble with his oil, Pirates Cove, Plein Air.

GBAO - Anita Hittle - Molly - Oil - NUMU -2015

Anita Hittle with her oil, Molly.

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

GBAO - Reception at NUMU

GBAO Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO  Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO Reception - NUMU 2015

GBAO Reception at NUMU 2015

GBAO - Kim Newell at NUMU- 2015

The exhibition runs through to the end of August.

Land’ Sea’ and Urbanscapes at PAL

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception F

The Pacific Art League held a reception for their October exhibition Landscapes, Seascapes and Urbanscapes, juried by Sara Kabot, Head of Exhibitions at the Cantor. I was pretty excited to hear that one of my two oil paintings juried in (Bottom of the Bay) was awarded First Place! There had been a record 343 entries for this show and a lot of really fine work! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names it you want to visit them.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron Bottom of the Bay (FP) and Orchard I Saratoga, both oil


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron - Pointing out the blue!
So happy to see the blue!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Gary Coleman Blazing Shadows oil

Gary Coleman, felllow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member,  was awarded Second Place for his oil, Blazing Shadows.


PAL landscapes reception 10-14 Third PLace PhotographThird Place went to this gorgeous photograph.  So hard to catch the delicacy of these images when up against glass and reflections!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Lisa Ellis Sunbathing PhotographyLisa J Ellis Sunbathing Photography Honorable Mention – love it, it seems so Californian to me!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Malika Santa Cruz Living Water 1 Acrylic HMLiving Water 1, an acrylic by Malika Santa Cruz was awarded an Honorable Mention. There was another Honorable Mention for a photography of the Giants Ball Park but my image was so blurry I couldn’t post it.


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Cynthia Barmore Stanford oilCynthia Barmore‘s Stanford in oil was a small but perfect painting.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Janet Bartlet Goodman PAL instructor), Down The Road, EncausticThere was a gorgeous encaustic, Down The Road, by PAL instructor Janet Bartlet.



PAl LSandU10-14 Ed Lucey North of Salinas oilI was happy to see a group of my friends were juried in as well.  Curiously, they all had window placements which is great exposure but challenging to shoot. Maralyn Miller, Los Gatos artist and current LGAA president, exhibited her beautiful Pacific Grove oil.

Ed Lucey, fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member, Los Gatos Artist and also LGAA member was showing his oil, North of Salinas (dramatic view of hills lower right.)

Saratoga Artist and LGAA member, Isaias Sandoval was exhibiting his acrylic Ocean View.


PAL 10-14 Receptions LS and U - Isaias Sandoval , Ocean View, Acrylic

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Kit Colman Moon over Palo Alto oilKit Colman was exhibiting the oil painting Moon Over Palo Alto.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Archil Pichkhadze, Three, OilArchil Pichkhadze was showing his stunning oil painting Three. I had recently been introduced to his work through Anne and Mark’s Art Party and through assemblage artist Jennifer J. Renzel now I’m a big fan!


Family Admiring Archil Pichkhadze oil painting Three             PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Anita Tran, The Standford Quad, Photoshop CC.jpg            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes  - Checking out the ArtAnita Tran with her Photoshop CC, The Stanford Quad (center) flanked by photos of young art critics taking a close look at the art.


PAL Reception  10-14


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Mark Monsarrat Half Moon Bay Farm oil              PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Angelica Spurigo The Vessel oil            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Patti Bond, Yellow Swirl, PhotographyMark Monsarrat with Half Moon Bay Farm (left), one of thoe oil paitings he har juried in,   Angelica Spurigo with her oil The Vessel  (center) and Patti Bond with Yellow Swirl (right), one of two photographs she had on exhibit.


PAL Caroline Mustard Digital Artist

Caroline Mustard was also having an exhibit of her ipad digital Art in the Corridor Gallery.


PAL 10-14 Steve Curl DemoPacific Art League instructor and watercolorist, Steve Curl gave a live demo of his technique, a real crowd pleaser! His dynamic use of a wash in the island’s light filled mist – very nice!

PAlL 10- 14 Steve Curl Demo Materials






PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Steve Curl Demo watercolor detail

PAl 10-14 Steve Curl Demo Crowd


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Silhouettes

Silicon Valley Open Studios – Final Weekend

I’m taking a break from participating in Open Studios this year so I can focus on some large scale projects that require ALL my focus and a very messy studio although I love holding my own,  I finally get to enjoy going to OTHER artists’ studios this year!

This is the final weekend and includes all the towns from Cupertino to Gilroy. Make sure to get out and take a peek at all the great work out there! I managed to hit a few studios yesterday in Los Gatos and San Jose and will make some rounds from 11:00 – 5:00 today – maybe I’ll see you out there!

Here are some highlights from my outing yesterday, click on the artist’s names for links to their websites.

SVOS 2014 -  Carol Greene - Alameda Artworks - Site 186


Carol Greene at the Alameda Artworks ( Site 186 ) was showing some bold and beautiful Face Scapes.

SVOS 2014 - Carol Greene - Face Scapes

SVOS 2014- Carol Greene - Portraits


SVOS 2014-  Jennifer Williams - Photography

Jennifer Williams was exhibiting her quietly soulful photographs at the Alameda Artworks, Studio 18 ( Site 186 ) along side of her mother Susan Williams who was showing playful, colorful paintings. Talent running in the family!

SVOS 2014- Susan Williams - Painting


SVOS 2014 - Richard Gullion (Site 186)

Richard Gullion ( Site 186) was showing energetic abstract paintings and drawings as well as ceramics in his studio at Alameda Artworks.

SVOS 2014 - Richard Gullion (Site 186) - ceramic fish            SVOS 2014 - Richard Gullion  (Site 186)


SVOS 2014 -  Mark Danitschek - Cermic Heads 2 ( site 186)

SVOS 2014 -  Mark Danitschek - Cermic Heads 1 ( site 186)

SVOS 2014 -  Mark Danitschek - Cermic Heads 4 ( site 186)

I have a big crush Mark Danitscheck‘s ceramic heads and his experimental glazing techniques! He was showing with Amanda Danitcheck at Alameda Artworks ( Site 186) and her exquisite abstract paintings – love those figures!

SVOS 2014 - Mark and Amanda Danitschek ( site 186)              SVOS 2014 -  Amanda Danitschek - small figures ( site 186)

SVOS 2014 -  Amanda Danitschek - Painting ( site 186)

SVOS 2014 -  Amanda Danitschek - Figure and Boat Painting ( site 186).jpg


SVOS 2014- David Lippenberger- ( site 186)

David Lippenberger was exhibiting his stylized figures and rubber band paintings at his studio at Alameda Artworks ( Site 186). He had a very interesting process of layering charcoal and gesso in his figure paintings and coating the  abstract squiggles of the rubber bands with layers of paint making a lush, textured surface.

SVOS 2014- David Lippenberger-  Rubber Band Paintings ( site 186)                 SVOS 2014- David Lippenberger-  Sef Portraits( site 186)


SVOS 2014 - Stacey Nussbaum - ( Site 186)

Stacey Nussbaum at the Alameda Artworks ( Site 186 ) was exhibiting really lovely pastels inspired by her bike rides through Santa Teresa Park.

SVOS 2014 - Stacey Nussbaum - ( Site 186) inspiration board            SVOS 2014 - Stacey Nussbaum - ( Site 186) pastels


SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer - (site 452)

David Stonesifer‘s studio (Site 452) in Los Gatos was fabulous! Beyond his gorgeous landscape and floral oil paintings ( he’s incredibly prolific!), you feel like you’re entering an enchanted world surrounded by lush grounds.  No wonder his paintings are so beautiful!

SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer - deer topiary -  (site 452)  SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer -bees- (site 452)   SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer -  deer statue (site 452)

SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer -racoon statue - (site 452)   SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer -  paintings and lanterns - (site 452)   SVOS 2014 - David Stonesifer garden house - (site 452)

SVOS 2014- Veronica Gross (328)

Veronica Gross was hosting a number of artists at her Los Gatos Studio ( Site 328 ). Here she is among her glowing watercolor landscapes and florals.


SVOS 2014- Karen VanGalder Site 328

Karen VanGalder was showing her ceramics ( Site 328 ) – a lot of character and beautiful glazes.  Love those cats, perfect for Los Gatos!

SVOS 2014- Karen VanGalder cats Site 328

SVOS 2014 -Karen VanGalder - Muse          SVOS 2014 Karen VanGalder's kitty


SVOS 2014 - Maralyn Miller - new painting - Site 279

Maralyn Miller ( Site 279) was hosting several artist at her fantastic studio in Los Gatos. It’s a real treat to see her gorgeous landscapes in what would be a runner up for a dream studio (my heart belongs to another)!

SVOS 2014 - Maralyn Miller - Site 279


SVOS 2014 - James Derieg - Animals Rule Series

James Derieg ( Site 279) was showing his playful  paintings and amazing dog house / garden / retreats.


SVOS 2014 - Hellen Scheel - Site 279

Helen Scheel was showing her paintings ( Site 279 ), her fruit and vegetables were just glowing!


SVOS 2014 - Patty Montgomery - Mixed Media - Site 279              SVOS 2014 - Patty Montgomery - Milbrae - Site 279              SVOS 2014 - Patty Montgomery - Process- Site 279

Patty Montgomery (Site 279)  was showing her great mixed media paintings.

SVOS 2014 - Patty Montgomery - Who Rules the Yard- Site 279


Spring Awakening

I finally got a chance to visit the Spring Awakening show at the Pacific Art League that was juried by Los Gatos artists Maralyn Miller and Ed Lucey and I was delighted to see that I had been awarded 3rd place for one of my two entries!

Spring Awakening PAL 2014 Marie Cameron - Lily of the Valley with Cows


Here’s the run down of awards, (click on the artist’s name for more information):

Fred Holle - When Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind?

1st place  went to Fred Holle from San Carlos for his acrylic, When Winter Comes Can Spring be Far Behind?


 Lyn Twitchell - Jessica 1

2nd place was awarded to Lyn Twitchell of Gardnerville, Nevada for her oil, Jessica 1. So lush!


 Marie Cameron - Lily of the Valley with Cows

3rd place was given to my oil, Lily of the Valley With Cows.


Mark Garner - Peaceful Reflections

Honorable Mention went to Mark Garner of Palo Alto for his watercolor, Peaceful Reflections.


Robin Apple - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden no.1

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden #1,  a photograph by Robin Apple of Palo Alto also received an Honorable Mention.


Sagi Erez- Second Day in Yellow

Second Day in Yellow, an oil by Sagi Erez of Sunnyvale was awarded an Honorable Mention too.


Jennifer Blalack - Spring Reflected

I really enjoyed the exuberance of Cupertino’s Jennifer Blalack’s acrylic, Spring Reflected.  I love how the blossoms seem to bloom out of a chaos of golden mud!


Spring Awakening PAL 2014 - paintings by Julia Watson and Deborah Gabris

I was happy to see two fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery artists in the show, Julia Watson of San Jose with her acrylic, Spring of ’13 and Deborah Gabris of Los Gatos with her acrylic, Spring in Pacific Grove, Carpet Ice Plants.


Spring Awakening PAL 2014 - Marie Cameron - Dancing on Yellow

It was nice to see one of my photographs hanging in an exhibit for a change! Here I am with Dancing on Yellow.

 Skye Becker-Yamakawa- Hesperia

My favorite in the exhibit was still Skye Becker-Yamakawa‘s Hesperia which was featured on the postcard for the show. Heavenly! How fun it would be to decorate a room around this painting!



Spring Awakening

Isn’t she lovely? This is the Pacific Art League‘s card for this month’s exhibit, Spring Awakening featuring Hesperia by Skye Becker-Yamakawa The show was juried by two great local artists Maralyn Miller and Ed Lucey and I’m delighted to have two pieces in the show!

The first is Lily of the Valley with Cows, an oil painting which certainly feels like spring to me.

The second is Dancing on Yellow – A digital photograph that I took this year – springy in more ways than one!

The show runs from April 4-24, with a reception this Friday, April 4 from 5:30 – 8:00pm.

Triton’s Midsummer Art Celebration

It’s that time of year again when the Triton Museum of Art hosts it’s annual Midsummer Arts Celebration. The sculpture garden sprouted with tents filled with art, jewelry and other wearable crafts. There was live music all day although I heard I’d missed out on a jam session with George Rivera on drums!  I did see some juggling and enjoyed ice cream while checking out the creative output of the local artists who came out to support the Triton!

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Artists Tents 2013

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Art Tents 2013

The Los Gatos Art Association and the Los Gatos Museums Gallery were well represented with lots of their member artists exhibiting (I’m a member of both of these organization – but couldn’t take on one more thing!). The following is a sampling of participating artists, I’ve provided links to their websites where applicable, so if you’re interested, just click on their name or photo.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton LGAA sign 2013

I wonder which one of our members of the Los Gatos Art Association is responsible for this fun sign – I suppose I should recognize the style, but there are over 200 of us I think! Clearly, I’m not represented as I would be a long haired calico.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Maralyn Miller 2013

LGAA member, Maralyn Milller had her gorgeous California landscape oils on exhibit!

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Rebecca White 2013.jpg

Rebecca White showed her lovely plein air work. She’s an LGAA member and heads up the plein air group – one day I’ll get out there with you Rebecca and we’ll paint up a storm!

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Denise Natanson-Marcus 2013

I met Denise Natanson-Marcus who is a new member of the LGAA who brought her vibrant landscapes.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Patty Montgomery 2013

I was happy to meet Patty Montgomery of the LGAA for the first time as well and really enjoyed her mixed media pieces which had bits of bags, dental floss and can pulls collaged into her textured and subtly colored (almost monochromatic) works. Loved her compositions!

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Julia Watson 2013.jpg

Julia Watson member of the LGAA and LGMG  (and part-time manager of the latter) exhibited her lovely florals that she paints in oil.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Nina Bricker 2013

Nina Bricker of the LGAA showed a variety of great pieces including this striking owl print.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Michael Rogan 2013

Michael Rogan is a member of both the LGAA and the LGMG – he brought some of his beautiful watercolor landscapes.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Donna Orme 2013.jpg

Donna Orme of the LGMG was exhibiting her dynamic mixed media abstract work as well as her richly textured afghans.

Midsummer Art Festival Triton Al Preciado 2013

Al Preciado, member of Kaleid Gallery was showing his exuberant mixed media paintings and sculptures and demonstrating his tin foil construction technique and offering samples to children.

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Al Preciado's dogs 2013

I thought his dogs, especially the one in the front with its hatchet blade tongue were pretty bad ass!

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Jaya King Art Demo 2013

Artists Jaya King (above) and Jeff Bramschreiber who are art educators at the Triton each had their own tents where they were demonstrating  aspects of their creative process.

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Jaya King's art 2013

I bought Jaya’s whimsical mixed media painting Lisa Tries to Help – so adorable!

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Portrait Painting & Tarot Card  Reading 2013

You could have your tarot cards read or your portrait painted by artist David Meija.

Midsummer Art Celebration Triton Mary's Chutney food truck 2013

Or you could graze through a variety of yummy ethnic food trucks. Oh I do hope to run into Mary’s Chutney truck again before the next solstice!