Fur Feathers and Fins Reception

Fur, Feathers & Fins is currently showing at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California, where I have three of my Birds & Teacup paintings. Juried by DeWitt Cheng, curator, critic and teacher, this exhibition explores a variety of approaches to depicting animals and our relationships to them from the purely representation evocations of them in their natural habitat to the utilitarian, metaphorical, symbolic, playful and even removed.  I can’t help but think about this subject matter in terms of the Anthropocene, how do we look at animals now that most of their worlds are impacted if not threatened by ours. Is the new wild, one of suburban back yards, zoos and laboratories? Something I think about anyway – Elizabeth Kolbert’s, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History is a great book on this subject! This show wraps up March 30, here are a few pictures from the opening reception, with links to artist’s websites, if available, when you click on their names.

Devan John, Gallery Manager of PAL announcing the awards.

First place went to Janey Fritsche for her oil on cradled panel,  Sea Shepherds.

Second Place was awarded to Ellen Kramer for her photograph Discarded.

Third Place was given to Maura Carta‘s oil on panel, Nose-less Bunny.

Honorable Mention for Ann Sismore’s photograph God’s Got Your Back.

A second Honorable Mention for Bob Carlin‘s digital print under resin,  Blue Footed Boobie .

A third Honorable Mention was awarded to Beka Brayer for her one of her Waiting for Wings mixed media assemblage pieces, details shown here.

Me with three of my Birds & Teacup paintings, Tea II, Petunia Tea I and Anemone Tea I.

Kathy Kleinsteiber and her acrylic portraits of animals.

May Shei – Joyful Moment – Watercolor on Rice Paper


Judy Kramer, Insect Photography – Fur Feathers and Fins

Linda Maki – Fish on Lahina Wharf – Oil on Canvas

Leah (Jay) Jakusovszky – Amphibian Illustrations

Oleg Lobykin‘s Sea Foam sculpture and a crow painting by Janey Fritsche.

Detail from Peter Koronakos‘s assemblage Penguin.

Jihoon Choi with his painted steel Pink Rhino and Yellow Giraffe.

I was delighted to become familiar with Jihoon Choi and his fantastic work!

To hear the Artist Talk he gave click on this link for the video I shot: Jihoon Choi – Artist Talk

Jihoon Choi photographs of his scupltures in Bay Area locations.

Figures and Faces

The Figures and Faces exhibition on at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto untill the end of the month looks great! Juried by Lynne Todaro (sculptor and director of Vargas Gallery at mission college) selected a wide variety of media with diverse approaches but all very emotive and expressive!

Lynne Todaro, director of Vargas Gallery at Mission College and sculptor in some opening remarks.

First place was awarded to GayLynn Ribeira for her oil Stages.

She could have picked up a co-first for her second piece, Memory!

I was awarded second place for my oil, bugatha1!

Here I am with juror Lynne Todaro, so honored that she chose three of my portraits for the exhibit, bugatha1, Tiny as the Universe and Eden!


The gallery manager Stephanie Amon asked me to give an artist’s talk about my People in my Neighborhood series.

Third place went to Tanya Larin‘s oil Christoph Köln at the Age of 50.

Cherryl Pape received an honorable mention for her graphite drawing Omonike seen here with her lovely model.


Jiajun Lu , was also awarded honorable mention for his ceramic sculpture, S.J. in 3D.

Connecting with Ganesha, an archival pigment print was awarded an honorable mention.

Archival pigment print.

Maura Carta and her self portrait in oil.

Maura Carta and her handsome model.

The man and his portrait!

Carol Bower and Her pastel Kami

Weijue Wang and her Graphite powder on paper, Now You See Me.

“la Dance” Revisited: This Side / The Other Side  archival pigment print photograph by H. Dogus Akaydin.

Venus and the Dark Veil of Censorship an Arista print digital photograph by The Antic Staatsoper.

Judy Kramer with her digital photograph and her darling model.

The Age of Wisdom, oil by Ayelet Gal-On.

Lamentation: A Sculpture for my Mother the Dancer by Ciaran Freeman a steel, nylon, spray paint and wood sculpture.

Ciaran Freeman gave a talk about his concept, research and process. His sculpture is much like a drawing in the third dimension welding together lengths of steel like individual lines from a pencil. He had looked toward Martha Graham  and her work with jersey for insights into his mothers dancing practice and designed this sculpture for her.

Dave Woodard was the final talk of the evening. He told us the fascinating story behind his terra cotta sculpture with fishhooks, Dream of a Spontaneous Utterance.  It was literally based on an actual dream he’d had after saying some things he’d regretted to a friend! How fabulous to dream in metaphor like this!

He had me at fishhooks!

Fins, Feathers and Fur

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Marie Cameron 2015

One of the really nice things about the Fins, Feathers and Fur Exhibit at the Pacific Art League (besides the soulful art) is that many of the exhibiting artists have chosen to donate 10% from the sale of their work to the Peninsula Humane Society / SPCA!

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Voulnteers with the Peninsula Humane Society 2015

On hand at Friday night’s opening reception were two of their friendly volunteers and Swiss, a very cute and totally adoptable puppy! Here he is happily flaked out after so much adoring attention.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Swiss - adoptable puppy Peninsula Humane Society 2015

This show was juried by Bradley Platz of Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. He spoke at the reception but sadly before I had arrived.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Blake McFarland, Cougar, Recyled tires...- photo Marie Cameron 2015

1st place was awarded to this striking sculpture, Cougar, made from recycled tires by Blake McFarland. The photo does not show how the great texture and personality in this work, for that, see the artist’s website – I’ve provided links on all the artist’s names where available.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Maura Carta, Rabbit, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

2nd place went to Maura Carta for her oil painting Rabbit.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Denise Howard, What is it? Colored pencil, 3rd place- photo Marie Cameron 2015

3rd place was awarded to Denise Howard for her flawless colored pencil drawing What Is It?.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Elaine Heron photography  - honorable mention for her Sled Dog Guarding her Pups in Greenland- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Elaine Heron for her photograph, Sled Dog Guarding her Pups in Greenland.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Honorable Mention - photo Marie Cameron 2015

This abstract drawing which I failed to get a name or title on.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -  David Fleming, The Wayward Bus, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

And to David Fleming’s oil painting, Wayward Bus.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Carol Rafferty, Two Cows, oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

There were three artists from the Los Gatos Museums Gallery with work in this show, Carol Rafferty with her oil painting, Two Cows.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Ed Lucey, I See You, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Ed Lucey with his oil painting, I See You.

Strawberry Demitasse Trio - Marie Cameron -  Oil

And myself with my oil painting, Strawberry Demitasse Trio.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Marie Cameron and Strawberry Demitasse Trio, photo 2 Denise Howard 2015

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - reception- photo Marie Cameron 2015

It was fascinating to see all the different takes on animals, from the realistically observational, the whimsical, the symbolic and the political / environmental.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Janice Wong, Spring Hill Way Series, Autumn, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Janice Wong’s oil painting, Spring Hill Way Series – Autumn.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jean-Marc Brugeilles, The Stool and the Rabbit, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Jean-Marc Brugeilles’ oil painting, The Stool and the Rabbit.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Diana Lee, Guess What, Scatchboard - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Diana Lee‘s scratchboard drawing Guess What.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -  John Haynes, Which Brush? Watercolor - photo Marie Cameron 2015

John Haynes watercolor painting, Which Brush?

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Skye Becker-Yamakawa and her BIg Cat paintings, Acylic- photo Marie Cameron 2015          Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -Tulio Flores, Morph, Found Objects - photo Marie Cameron 2015            Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jeffery Anthony Baylon, Bottled1 and 2, photo manipulations on metal prints - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Skye Becker-Yamakawa and her Big Cat acrylic paintings (left), Tulio Flores‘s found object sculpture, Morph (center) and Jeffery Anthony Baylon’s manipulated photographs on metal, Bottled 1 and 2 (right).

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jenefir Renzel, Walking Stick,  Assemblage - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Jenifer Renzel‘s assemblage, Walking Stick.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - photo Marie Cameron 2015


Brighter than I thought!

I thought I might find this exhibition, Science, Technology & The Future of Art, to be engaging and eye opening but I didn’t expect to find it moving – but I was moved!  And largely due to the top award picks of Juror, Gail White, Associate Professor of Art at Stanford. It was the science and technology combined with aesthetics of beauty and the nature of the human heart and inquisitive mind that really won me over.

First Place was awarded to Howie Katz and Ytaelena Lopez‘s Cancer Stage installation. Photos of cancer cells applied to floor tiles, which could easily be mistaken for marble, provide a comfortable and empowering access point from which to examine the cells and perhaps our own fears.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Cancer Stage, Howie Katz and Ytaelena Lopez 2- photo Marie Cameron                             PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Cancer Stage, Howie Katz and Ytaelena Lopez 5- photo Marie Cameron

Artist Howie Katz with his girlfriend Tania on Cancer Stage (above).  Detail of Cancer Stage  (below).

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Cancer Stage, Howie Katz and Ytaelena Lopez  (detail) - photo Marie Cameron

Second place went to Alexis Arnold‘s crystalized books, she had three on exhibit, Holy Bible, To Kill a Mockingbird and I think it was the Dictionary – all sparkling tributes to the decline of our literary culture. At first I thought this was like an icy Siberian equivalent to a good old book burning party but then I realized this was past the point were the written word held enough power for burning, it was more akin to the cobwebs of neglect and the rot of mold and mildew! Sublime!

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Alexis Arnold- Too Kill a Mocking Bird (view 2)- photo Marie Cameron     PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Alexis Arnold- Too Kill a Mocking Bird- photo Marie Cameron





PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Alexis Arnold- Holy Bible - photo Marie Cameron

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Alexis Arnold- Holy Bible ( view 2)- photo Marie Cameron


Third Place went to Lennell Allen‘s Transition Electron Micrograph, Before You Take A Breath # 01. “Electrons focused on emulsion coated glass or film” give us a cellular, structural views of new forms and new possibilities.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 -Lennell Allen - Beofore You Take a Breath - photo Marie Cameron


Scotty Gorham‘s interactive light installation, Pulse, was a show stopper!  By connecting to the circuitry of the piece the viewer’s pulse was expressed in violet light. “Cause mood rings are just too subtle!

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Body Heat 3- photo Marie


PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Body Heat 2- photo Marie Cameron     PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Body Heat! 1- photo Marie Cameron

Seda Saar was awarded an honorable mention for her C prints, Chroma Continuum which, along with her Chroma Dance work play with the illusions of depth, translucency and movement, exploring tensions between dimensions and containment and perception.

Seda Saar‘s Chroma Dance C print.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Seda Saar Chroma Dance CPrint - photo Marie Cameron


PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 -Ron Dell'Aquila - Total Annular Eclipse Sequence, Hat Creek 2012- photo Marie Cameron

Photographer Ron Dell’Aquila not only had a beautiful photograph, Total Annular Eclipse Sequence, Hat Creek 2012, which took an honorable mention, on exhibit, he was also demonstrating the use of the BlueTooth Selfie Stick to promote his upcoming PAL selfie workshop on November 23. With it’s telegraphing rod, adjustible angle setting and remote shutter, the stick acts as a super long arm (Ron should also offer a course on how to shoot artwork under glass at exhibitions – my shot didn’t do any justice to his work). It was a real crowd pleaser and a lot of people had a turn at it.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Selfie on a Stick with Ron Dell'Aquila  photo Marie Cameron

I was excited to give it a whirl as my best angle is a bird’s eye view (hard to manage with short arms). Perfect solution! It also solved the the problem of gallery lighting which is designed to illuminate the work – not to flatter the people. By looking up into the light my entire face was illuminated.

Ron Dell'Aquilla's Marie Cameron Selfie with Shimmering Water and Lavender Lake PAL 2014

Selfie with my Interference – Shimmering Water and Lavender Lake photographs.

Ron Dell'Aquilla's Marie Cameron Selfie with Blue Pool - PAL 2014

Selfie with my Interference – Blue Pool photograph. Both these images courtesy of Ron Dell’Aquila and his iPhone 6.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Ron adn Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila 2- photo Marie Cameron

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Ron and Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila 1- photo Marie Cameron

My favorite art couple, Ron Dell’Aquila and Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila in front af a gorgeous mixed media painting, Entier, by Rosine Aberge Ferber whose solo exhibit Playful Vision was showing in the Corridor Gallery.

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 -crowd - photo Marie Cameron

PAL - Science, Technology and the Furture of Art 11-14 - Seth Schalet and Anna Speaker photo Marie Cameron

Keep it up Seth Schalet and Anna Speaker,  these shows just keep getting better and better!


Blind-sided me with Science!

Who’d a thought I would ever get work into an exhibit about science, technology and the future of art (let alone three pieces!)?  Really, my aesthetic veers more to the Victorian than the futuristic! I guess the Victorian’s quest for beauty and the exotic led them to scientific observations and investigations. That’s how I fell about these Interference photographs.

Shimmering Water - Interference, Marie Cameron 2014

Shimmering Water – Interference    photography on metal    2014

Blue Pool - Interference, Marie Cameron 2014

Blue Pool – Interference   photography on metal    2014

Lavender Lake - Interference, Marie Cameron 2014

Lavender Lake – Interference   photography on metal    2014

Reception tonight from 5:30 – 8:00 pm at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto can’t wait to see all the work!

Land’ Sea’ and Urbanscapes at PAL

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception F

The Pacific Art League held a reception for their October exhibition Landscapes, Seascapes and Urbanscapes, juried by Sara Kabot, Head of Exhibitions at the Cantor. I was pretty excited to hear that one of my two oil paintings juried in (Bottom of the Bay) was awarded First Place! There had been a record 343 entries for this show and a lot of really fine work! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names it you want to visit them.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron Bottom of the Bay (FP) and Orchard I Saratoga, both oil


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron - Pointing out the blue!
So happy to see the blue!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Gary Coleman Blazing Shadows oil

Gary Coleman, felllow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member,  was awarded Second Place for his oil, Blazing Shadows.


PAL landscapes reception 10-14 Third PLace PhotographThird Place went to this gorgeous photograph.  So hard to catch the delicacy of these images when up against glass and reflections!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Lisa Ellis Sunbathing PhotographyLisa J Ellis Sunbathing Photography Honorable Mention – love it, it seems so Californian to me!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Malika Santa Cruz Living Water 1 Acrylic HMLiving Water 1, an acrylic by Malika Santa Cruz was awarded an Honorable Mention. There was another Honorable Mention for a photography of the Giants Ball Park but my image was so blurry I couldn’t post it.


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Cynthia Barmore Stanford oilCynthia Barmore‘s Stanford in oil was a small but perfect painting.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Janet Bartlet Goodman PAL instructor), Down The Road, EncausticThere was a gorgeous encaustic, Down The Road, by PAL instructor Janet Bartlet.



PAl LSandU10-14 Ed Lucey North of Salinas oilI was happy to see a group of my friends were juried in as well.  Curiously, they all had window placements which is great exposure but challenging to shoot. Maralyn Miller, Los Gatos artist and current LGAA president, exhibited her beautiful Pacific Grove oil.

Ed Lucey, fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member, Los Gatos Artist and also LGAA member was showing his oil, North of Salinas (dramatic view of hills lower right.)

Saratoga Artist and LGAA member, Isaias Sandoval was exhibiting his acrylic Ocean View.


PAL 10-14 Receptions LS and U - Isaias Sandoval , Ocean View, Acrylic

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Kit Colman Moon over Palo Alto oilKit Colman was exhibiting the oil painting Moon Over Palo Alto.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Archil Pichkhadze, Three, OilArchil Pichkhadze was showing his stunning oil painting Three. I had recently been introduced to his work through Anne and Mark’s Art Party and through assemblage artist Jennifer J. Renzel now I’m a big fan!


Family Admiring Archil Pichkhadze oil painting Three             PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Anita Tran, The Standford Quad, Photoshop CC.jpg            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes  - Checking out the ArtAnita Tran with her Photoshop CC, The Stanford Quad (center) flanked by photos of young art critics taking a close look at the art.


PAL Reception  10-14


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Mark Monsarrat Half Moon Bay Farm oil              PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Angelica Spurigo The Vessel oil            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Patti Bond, Yellow Swirl, PhotographyMark Monsarrat with Half Moon Bay Farm (left), one of thoe oil paitings he har juried in,   Angelica Spurigo with her oil The Vessel  (center) and Patti Bond with Yellow Swirl (right), one of two photographs she had on exhibit.


PAL Caroline Mustard Digital Artist

Caroline Mustard was also having an exhibit of her ipad digital Art in the Corridor Gallery.


PAL 10-14 Steve Curl DemoPacific Art League instructor and watercolorist, Steve Curl gave a live demo of his technique, a real crowd pleaser! His dynamic use of a wash in the island’s light filled mist – very nice!

PAlL 10- 14 Steve Curl Demo Materials






PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Steve Curl Demo watercolor detail

PAl 10-14 Steve Curl Demo Crowd


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Silhouettes

Grand opening reception – PAL

The seismic retrofit has been completed for several months but the Pacific Art League had it’s Grand Opening Reception last night, entry fees going to support arts education!

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Marie Cameron

Wherever the architects and engineers were able to retain any of this historic building’s 1921 charm I was pleased, wherever they lost hardwood floors or gallery walls uninterrupted by electrical thingamabobs  I was saddened.And while there was lots of room for more lighting improvements, all in all, I’m grateful that it will hold up better in an earthquake.

There were awards, but I didn’t catch all of them as I could barely squeeze in the overflowing galleries when they were being announced.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - standing room only 1

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - 2

Mark Nardini, fabulous portrait painter (who took a crack at your truly at an LGAA demo) and PAL instructor won first place for his stunning oil, Conversation.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Mark Nardini, Conversation, Oil

Deborah Maufer took second place for her photograph on metal, Mission Statement.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Deborah Maufer, Mission Statement, Photography (metal print)

Many honorable mentions included Linda Reichert’s oil Palo Alto Pond,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Linda Reichert, Palo Alto Pond, Oil

Gerri Russel’s mixed media Remembering,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Gerri Russel, Remembering, Mixed Media

and Patricia Jones oil, Windy Day.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Patricia Jones, Windy Day, Oil

I was also happy to know David Stonesifers’ oil, Appel Orchars, Corralitos,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - David Stonesifer, Appel Orchars, Corralitos, Oil

Robin Apple‘s photograph, Pink Horse,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Robin Apple, Pink Horse, Photography

Isaias Sandoal’s acrylic Infinity and Beyond,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Isaias Sandoval , infinity and Beyond, Acrylic

As well as Ron Dell’Aquil’s photograph,Touch me Here which sold to a lovely couple from Switzerland,

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Ron Dell'Aquila - Touch me Here - Photography

And Lauren Herzog Shwartz’s mixesd media piece, Exhuberance.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Lauren Herzog Schwartz, Exhuberance, Mixed Media

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila (pictured below in a grouping of artists and artist’s model)  also had a beautiful algegorical oil paintiing in which I somehow missed shooting.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Artists and Models

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - viewing Nancy Wong's Peonies Acrylic

Viewing Nancy Wong’s Peonies in acrylic.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Feathers and model sans wings

Feathers and model sans wings.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - Jim Caldwell, Umbrian Fog, Oil

Umbrian Fog, an expansive oil painting by Jim Caldwell.

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - 4

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - 5

PAL Grand Opening Reception 9:14 - at night

The newly remodeled building at night.


Member’s Exhibit – PAL

I made it to the reception for the Members’ Exhibit at the Pacific Art League last Friday and found that my painting Sea Stack had been awarded an honorable mention by juror Edna Wagner Piersol!

Marie Cameron  Sea Stack  Oil


Mark Garner  The Slot  Watercolor


Ocean themes did well, Mark Garner was awarded first place for his beautiful watercolor, The Slot.


Carroll Woods  Portland Bridge  Solar plate etching and montoype


I didn’t even see second place, but Carroll Woods took third place for her solar plate etching and montoype, Portland Bridge.


Doreen Barton  Gate and Door  Pastel

Doreen Barton picked up another honorable mention for her pastel,  Gate and Door.


PAL Members' Exhibit        PAL's New Entrance         Juror Edna Wagner Piersol and artist Robin Apple


Robin Apple  iPhoto


Photographer Robin Apple describing her iPhoto process for her vibrant and layered imagery. This gorgeous piece, Of Paradise and Parking Lots, has New York street signs blending with with a close up of a Yucatan woman.


Gery McGilvray Backyard Garden Acrylic


I love this acrylic, Backyard Garden by Geri McGilvray, local artist and vocalist. It has such a light touch, a free spirit and the perfect shade of pink!


Gallery View


Gallery Viewers


It was exciting to see the retrofit of the Art League finally complete! I think they did a great job of keeping much of the exterior character, although I will always be nostalgic for the old Norton Gallery on the second floor – I’m a sucker for hardwood floors and period details. PAL is renting out the two upper stories to pay for the seismic retrofit well into the future!


If the turn out for the “Meet the Artist” event last night was any indictor, tonight’s Gala Auction should be a rip-roaring success! Proceeds benefit the Pacific Art League and the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto so bid high and often! It’s not too late to get tickets at the door  -475 Homer Ave, 6-9 pm! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names where applicable.

The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto is in an impressive, historic Arts and Crafts building. Here, the beautiful ballroom was filled the painted chairs of over 100 local artists being previewed for the auction.

Dressed to match my chair, people could easily identify me as the artist responsible for Rose Vanitas.

Leslie Prindle-Klein with her chair, I See London, I see France…

Margarita Soyfertis with her mosaic piece,  Chair 2.

Graphic artist, Jodie Stowe with her chair, Sit.

Fleur Sopidor with her chair, San Francisco History.

Janki Chokshi with her chair, Majestic which was inspired by Mughal design.

Isaias Sandoval with his chair, Infinity and Beyond, based on one of his bold paintings.

Tanya Yurgaitis with her chair, Big Red.

Sonny and Chair by Hooten von Hooten.

Amy Lee’s chair.

Dora Grinnell’s bottle cap chair.

Mortal and Divine by Lissa Starnes.

Mary Ann Girard’s peacock and lotus chair (above and below).

Shannon Amidon‘s lovely creation.

Broadway Boogie-Woogie – by Lippert and Lippert

Shechina by Alan Helfen should have hung out with Rose Vanitas!

Pie in the Sky by Faith Hornbacher was simply dreamy!

Susanne Smith’s cats.

Love these graphic pops of dogwood and poppies on Joan Harvey‘s chair.

Patina Moon by Andreina Davila was ethereal – as are her fabulous paintings!

Painted Chair Project

Started work on my 1930’s folding chair today!

Painted Chair Project - picking my chair at the woman's Club of Palo Alto- Marie Cameron 2013

Picking up my chair at the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto last November. Photo compliments of Fleur Sopidor who was picking up one too.

I’m painting this chair as part of a joint fundraiser for the Pacific Art League and the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto. There will be a gala fundraiser in March where some 100 chairs all painted by different artists will be auctioned off.

Painted Chair Project - Vanitas by Marie Cameron in progress 2014

Thorny Rose Branches added to the legs and stretchers.

So far my favorite part was adding real rose branches to the legs and stretchers of the chair. I love how it looks like they’re growing out of the wood, and even with the thorns they seem to soften the geometric look of the chair.

Painted Chair Project - Rose Branch Detail - Marie Cameron 2014

Thorny detail.

A chair is a great vehicle for the human form as it’s an easily anthropomorphized object. I decided to do a vanitas – you know, life and death, two sides of the same coin.

Painted Chair Project - Vanitas by Marie Cameron in progress 2014

Painting life in full bloom.

The front side will be about life in full bloom the reverse will depict the passing of that life. Still loads to do but I think I’m off to a good start. Stay tuned for the back- expect something dark!

Day 2

Painted Chair Project - side in progress - Marie Cameron 2014

Trying to figure out how to handle the sides.

Painted Chair Project - Backside begining - Marie Cameron 2014

The side should be a transition form the from the back, maybe some rebirth and decay?

Painted Chair Project - Backside in progress - Marie Cameron 2014

The skeleton on the backside.

The skeleton on the back corresponds with the torso on the front. I’m adding moths, with low light photography they look like vertebrae to me. They are thought to symbolize death. I’ve painted in a few thorny branches on the edges and will work some into the central panel. I’m trying out a metal rose on one of the holes from a brace I removed.

Rose Vanitas Assemblage Options Chain


Rose Vanitas Assemblage options - roses


Rose Vanitas Assemblage Options - Nest

Nest among the thorns?

With assemblage you can try out different options before you commit to any one thing. The problem is I kinda like them all, including the restraint of paring things back a bit.  The chair already has a lot going on and I don’t want my added elements to compete too much  with those lovely thorns. The great thing is that I will file away the ideas I don’t use for a another time where they may just perfect.

Rose Vanitas - Marie Cameron -oil and found objects on wood  (front) - 2014

Here’s the front of the finished Rose Vanitas chair.

The little butterfly I’ve added to the front symbolizes the soul and to have one land on you is considered to be good luck.

Rose Vanitas - Marie Cameron -oil and found objects on wood  (back) - 2014

Back of chair all but done.

As you can see the chair is pretty dry, all but the rose hips on the side. I can now go ahead and drill into the sacrum for the final placement of my metal rose and leaves.


This was such a fun project, one that clearly relates to my work but is also a playful step into something new! Can’t wait to see all the chairs at the preview, Friday March 28 at the Woman’s Club. It’s a free public event with all the artists in attendance. The Silent Auction will follow on Saturday March 29 at the gala fundraiser which is $35 a ticket and can be ordered though this link: http://womansclubofpaloalto.org/painted/ where you can take a sneak peek at what the other artists have been up to.

Painted Chair Flyer 2014


Fur, Feathers & Fins – the Beat Goes On

Pre-FF&F Asian Pear Sangria

First Fridays – It’s when all the arts all over the Bay Area  seem to be on display.  The Pacific Art League, for instance had an opening reception for four exhibits in their make-shift facility on Forest (their longtime, historic home next door is undergoing a major retrofit overhaul). There was a solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by Zhao Nan Duan,  Fur, Feathers & Fins, a regional group exhibition juried by Michael Azgour,  a group exhibition of contemporary abstract work and The Beats – Back Where It All Began, poetry and music presented by Leah Lubin. A lot going on in a very small space!

Poetry reading presented by Leah Lubin at PAL - FF&F 2013

Poetry reading.

When I arrived with my family we had just missed the announcements and award ceremony. My painting, End of Spring, was hanging in the corner behind the large watercolor by Zhao Nan Duan which had been placed there to introduce him but remained for most of the evening. The poets and musicians were in full swing and my family left without getting to see my piece on exhibit. Sigh!

First Friday Opening Reception at PAL-Fur, Feathers & Fins & Poetry

Large turnout for First Friday reception!

The poetry and music was a big hit and there was a great turn out for it, something I may have been in the mood for if I was in a different frame of mind but I was really more interested in speaking with the other visual artists who were attending the reception.

FF&F at PAL Isaias Sandoval - Sad Rose - Oil

Congratulations to Isaias Sandoval, who I know from the Los Gatos Art Association. He was awarded first place for his oil painting Sad Rose. He had both fur and feathers! The juror loved his use of metaphor.

FF&F at PAL - Denise Howard - Golfer's Error - Graphite

Denise Howard took second place for her graphite drawing, Golfer’s Error. Here the juror appreciated her light consistent touch and the clear telling of a complete story. And I had asked my kids before the show if they thought I would have the only dead animal in the show! Denise tells me that she’d also drawn a sparrow, called Ascension, who had sadly hit her window.

FF&F at PAL - Maura Carta - Rabbit - Oil

Maura Carta was awarded third place for her oil painting Rabbit. Here the juror commented on the varied but cohesive brush strokes that beautifully evoked the softness of the plush toy and blanket.

FF&F at PAL Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - two oil

My friend Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila was awarded honorable mention for Liberty Prometheus : Gift, the oil painting on the left. Her Liberty Prometheus : Punishment was also selected for the exhibition.  Mei-Ying’s works are rich with symbolism and allegory, my photo caught too much glare and doesn’t do them justice.

FF&F at PAL Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - oil (detail)

Here’s a detail from Liberty Prometheus : Gift – her crow and pomegranate are two subjects I’m always drawn to and she’s rendered them so lushly!

FF&F at PAL - Jaya King - Black, White and Red All Over - Acrylic and Collage

I’m a big fan of my friend Jaya King’s work she has a playful and whimsical side as seen here in her painting, Black, White and Red All Over and a moving lyrical side which is evidenced in her work through Nieto Fine Art.

FF&F at PAlL - Ellen Litwiller -  Quagga - Oil

My daughter and I were quite taken with this oil painting by Ellen Litwiller entitled Quagga (Last One Died August 12, 1883). It’s faded sepia tones are like an old photograph, it has a loose ghostly quality so suitable for a tragically extinct animal, the repetition of vertical lines throughout bring to mind a cage and echo the pattern of it’s coat. The incorporation of text not only lends context but is a great graphic element that helps to anchor the piece.

FF&F at PAL - Matre Thompson - Discussion ( Dicus Pair) Acrylic

The soft patterns and richly subdued color palette of Marte Thompson’s acrylic painting, Discussion (Discus) were really lovely.

FF&F at PAL Marie Cameron- End of Spring - oil

End of Spring unveiled!

Finally, my oil painting, End of Spring was revealed near the end of the reception, just in time for a snap – compliments of my photographer friend, Ron Dell’Aquilla (who just won first place in the the Triton Museum of Art’s  2013 Statewide Photography Competition/ Exhibition where he was awarded his own solo show)!  I capped off my evening over impossibly viridian green Italian drinks, mint in name only, with my very first Californian friend, artist Ai Aroner, who used to work at the Pacific Art League in the days that I volunteered there back before the dot.com bust. Cin-cin!










Fine Feathered Friends

Fine-Fearthered Friends blouse 3

OK, so maybe I always liked dressing up, but these fun themed exhibition receptions, like tonight’s Fur, Feather and Fins reception at the Pacific Art League, are always a great excuse to pull together a look that relates to your work! It’s not a costume party of anything, I’m not going to wear a feathered mask or wings but I do enjoy drawing subtle references to my work in my jewelry and maybe in one item of clothing. To that end, I found this great silk blouse on sale at my favorite store Anthropologie which I’ll wear with a golden feather ring from another of my haunts, Etsy.

Fine-Fearthered Friends blouse 2

Fine-Feathered Friends blouse 1 2013

Fine-Feathered Friends 4

I like how these printed birds are as realistic as my blue robin and provide a joyful counterpoint to my painting End of Spring.  I also adore the filigree work which I like to incorporate into my Florilegia series.

End of Spring Marie Cameron 2013 40x30 oil on canvas

It will be interesting to see how people respond to End of Spring tonight! The reception runs from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. See you there!

Fur, Feathers & Fins Invite 2013


Breath of Spring Reception

We had a lovely opening reception for Breath of Spring at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto Last night! Beautiful art, loads of people, wine, hor d’oeuvres and lovely music by member artist Geri McGilvray. I was even awarded honorable mention by juror George Rivera for my painting Cherry Blossom Spray, and this in a national competition for which 35 pieces were selected from 135 entries!

Breath of Spring Muses of a Garden mixed media by Dean Moniz Sacremento, CA

Muses of a Garden, a mixed media painting by Dean Moniz of Sacramento, CA  was awarded honorable mention . To visit his Facebook site click on the image. I love the happiness of this floral abstraction!

Breath of Spring Marie Squared

Textile, film & ice cream artist Marie Hetherington and me in front of my painting. Click on image for her website.

Breath of Spring Reception Pacific Art League of Palo Alto

The new temporary digs clean up nice for a reception!

Breath of Spring Reception at the Pacific Art League

Nice turn out for the Breath of Spring reception at the Pacific Art League!

Season of Renewal Lynette Cook, Daly City, CA Acrylic

Lynette Cook from Daly City won second place for her acrylic work Season of Renewal. Click on the image for her website.

Breath of Spring Mei-Ying talking about 1st place Tribulation

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila shared what was behind her painting Tribulation which had won first place. Click on image for her website.

Breath of Spring Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila and Tritons's Carmen Pascual

Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila and Tritons’s Carmen Pascual talk about Tribulation.

Breath of Spring Roses, Alstromenia & Ferns by Anna Chupa, Allentown, PA Acid Dye on Habatoi silk H.M.

Detail from Roses, Alstromenia & Ferns, acid dye on habatoi silk which also won honorable mention for Anna Chupa of Allentown, PA.  Just mesmerizing! Click on the photo for her website.

Painter Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila tries on jeweler Lenore Cymes's Necklace

Painter Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila tries on jeweler Lenore Cymes’s Necklace.  I have one of pieces myself! Click on image for website

Breath of Spring artists Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila, Marie Cameron and Ron Dell'Aquil

Me with the married duo of aritsts Mei-Ying and Ron Dell’Aquila. Hey Ron, I never did get a shot of you in front of your beautiful photograph. Click on the photo for his website.

Breath of Spring Chorus of Tulips, colored pencil by Denise Howard, Santa Clara, CA

Denise Howard of Santa Clara, CA was also awarded honorable mention for her colored pencil Chorus of Tulips. Click on image for her website.


Breath of Spring musician & member artist Geri McGilvray

Musician & member artist Geri McGilvray entertained us with her lovely voice! Click on image for her website.


For more photos of the evening check out Ron Dell’Aquila’s photo stream.




Cherry Blossom Spray in Breath of Spring

Marie Cameron Cherry Blossom Spray 2012 oil on canvas 24" x 24"

Marie Cameron Cherry Blossom Spray 2012 oil on canvas 24″ x 24″

Good News!

I heard today that Cherry Blossom Spray was accepted into the nationally juried exhibition, “Breath of Spring” to be held at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto for the month of April. It means a lot to me as the show’s juror was George Rivera, Executive Director and Senior Curator of the Triton Museum of Art! There will be a reception Friday April 5 from 5:30 – 8:00 in the Art League’s new temporary digs, next door to 668 Ramona Street.

Pond Lily Path Juried into PAL Show

Marie Cameron with Pond Lily Path 2013 O. Purohit

Taking Pond Lily Path into the Pacific Art League today for the juried show Paintings, Paintings, Paintings.




I just got back from dropping off my painting, Pond Lily Path at the at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto. I’m pleased to say it was accepted into the nationally juried exhibition Paintings, Paintings by Rachel Lazo (www.rachellazo.com.) The show runs from March 1-28, with an opening reception on Friday March 1 from 5:30 -8:00 pm.

Reception Tonight!

Come join me at the reception for Scapes tonight at the Pacific Art League where my painting, Christy Anne’s Lace will officially be awarded honorable mention!  Oh yes  – the rumor about wine and brownies is true!   See you tonight  5:30 – 8:00 pm!

For a special invitation go to http://paperless.ly/VFMfnP.

Queen Anne's Lace Pendant  photo by Marie Cameron 2012

Queen Anne’s Lace in the Air

I was just dropping off Christy Ann’s Lace for installation in the Scapes show at The Pacific Art League when I noticed that directly above was Anna Jacke’s Queen Anne’s Lace watercolor, still hanging from the Waterworks exhibit. What are the odds! Representing sanctuary, this flower symbolizes complexity and delicacy – is Queen Anne’s Lace the new “it” flower?

The reception for Scapes is this Friday, October 5,  5:30 -8:00 I’ll be there with an entourage of  friends!

Marie Cameron Dropping Chrissty Ann's Lace at PAL 2012

I dropped off Christy Ann’e Lace for installation in Scapes at the Pacific Art League.

Anna Jacke's Queen Anne's Lace Watercolor

Anna Jacke’s Queen Anne’s Lace watercolor painting in Waterworks.

Marie Cameron - Pacific Art League 2012

The Pacific Art League has been around since 1921 when it was known as the Palo Alto Art Club.