Los Gatos Plein Air Art Show and Sale

The Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club hosts the the annual Los Gatos Plein Air Art Show and Sale. Artists from all over the US are juried into this week long event where artists paint throughout the area, producing an amazing oeuvre of fresh work to be auctioned and sold at the end – the results are always impressive!Here a few shots I manage to capture from today’s sale at the Town Plaza (artists websites are linked to their names).

Greg LaRock (Newport Beach, CA) – Best of Show

Suzy Long – ( Mendocino, CA) The Copper Bucket – People’s Choice Award

Susan Elwart Hall  (Atherton, CA) – Artist’s Choice Award

Susan Elwart Hall – Pink Buzz – Oil – Honorable Mention

John Guernsey (Marietta, GA) – Courtyard at the winery -Oil -Second Place

Waye McKenzie (Truckee, CA)

Wayne McKenzie – Mountain View – Oil – Third Place

Wayne McKenzie – Friendly Rivalry – Oil

Wayne McKenzie – Santa Cruz Surfers – Oil

Anton Pavlevnko (Mollala, OR)

Anton Pavlevnko – Trickling Creek – Oil – Honorable Mention

Terri Ford (San Jose, CA)

Terri Ford – Valley Vista – Pastel – Honorable Mention (with a bit of reflection)

Kevin Kasik (San Jose, CA)

Kevin Kasik – Shannon Road (detail) – Oil

Me and Kevin hanging…

David Stonesifer (Los Gatos, CA)

David Stonesifer – Foot of Shannon Road – Oil

Ed Lucey (Los Gatos, CA)

Will Maller ( Los Altos, CA)

Sergio Lopez (Santa Rosa, CA)

Sergio Lopez – Capitola Rooftops-  Gouache

Barbara Clark (Corrales, NM)

Barbara Clark – painting detail – oil

Sterling Hoffmann (Sebastopol, CA)

Abby Zhang (Los Gatos, CA)

Laura Wambgans (Santa Clarita, CA)

Art Docent Volunteers, Julia and Judith

Art lovers

Artist Lorraine Lawson volunteering with the Morning Rotary.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2015

I love plein air!  It’s magical how artists go out and brave the elements and a cacophony of input and paint up a little gem in a matter of minutes – so fresh, so immediate!  Los Gatos Town Plaza was filled with such gorgeous wet paintings by artists from all over the West Coast that had been juried into Los Gatos Plein Air 2015. Artists had begun painting on location last Tuesday with canvases stamped at NUMU and had wrapped up their work by Friday night with a VIP Auction.

Plein Air 2015 - viewing- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Organized by the by the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club, proceeds from the event are going to support Montalvo Arts Center, the Museums of Los Gatos, Lighting for Literacy, Los Gatos Music and Arts and Art Docents of Los Gatos (which was represented by this great group of women – Hey Louise and Elizabeth!).

Plein Air 2015 - Art Docents - photo Marie Cameron 2015

The Los Gatos Museums Gallery was well represented with five member artists participating, Ellen Howard, Ed Lucey, Will Maller, Carole Rafferty and David Stonesifer. In fact, Carole Rafferty was awarded best in show!

Plein Air 2015 - Carole Rafferty - photo Marie Cameron

Congratulations to Carole Rafferty who was awarded Best in Show!

Plein Air 2015 - Caole Rafferty, BEST IN SHOW - photo Marie Cameron 2015.

Plein Air 2015 - Carole Rafferty, Golden State - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Plein Air 2015 - David Stonesifer - photo Marie Cameron 2015

David Stonesifer.

Plein Air 2015 - David Stonesifer, View of LG from Olive Grove - photo Marie Cameron 2015

David Stonesifer‘s oil, View of Los Gatos from Olive Grove.

Plein Air 2015 - David Stonesifer, the piece I shot him working on- photo Marie Cameron 2015

I shot David working on this piece last week on Overlook Road.

Plein Air 2015 - Will Maller - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Will Maller.

Plein Air 2015 - Will Maller, Morning Walk Vasona - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Will Maller‘s oil, Morning Walk Vasona.

Plein Air 2015 - Ed Lucey - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Ed Lucey.

Plein Air 2015 - Ellen Howard - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Ellen Howard.

Ellen Howard  - oil painting -  LG Plein Air 2015

Ellen Howard‘s oil painting.

Plein Air 2015 - 2nd place Greg LaRock - photo Marie Cameron 2015

2nd Place was awarded to Greg LaRock for his oil painting of a creek in Saratoga.

Plein Air 2015 - Honorable Mention- Erich Neubert, A Walik in the Park - photo Marie Cameron 2015

I missed 3rd place, but an Honorable Mention went to Erich Neubert for A Walk in the Park.

Plein Air 2015 - Kim VanDerHoek - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Another Honorable Mention went to Kim VanDerHoek for this lake scene below.

Plein Air 2015 -Honorable Mention  - Kim VanDerHoek- photo Marie Cameron 2015


Plein Air 2015 - Lorraine Lawson - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Lorraine Lawson.

Plein Air 2015 - Susan Elwart Hall - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Susan Elwart Hall.

Plein Air 2015 - Susan Elwart Hall , Pentouse View- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Susan Elwart Hall‘s Penthouse View.

Plein Air 2015 - Susan Elwart Hall, the piece I shot her working on - photo Marie Cameron 2015

I shot Susan painting this piece on Overlook Road.

Plein Air 2015 - Sylvia Dahlgren - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Sylvia Dahlgren painting away.

Plein Air 2015 - Sylvia Dalhgren, Point Lobos - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Sylvia Dahlgren‘s oil, Point Lobos.

Plein Air 2015 - Yong Hong Zhong- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Yong Hong Zhong.

Plein Air 2015 - Yong Hong Zhong, Hiding From the Sun - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Yong Hong Zhong‘s oil, Hiding from the Sun.

Plein Air 2015 - Anton Pavelnko - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Anton Pavlenko  was awarded an honorable mention, for a beautiful little painting, I was going to take a photo of it but then I got distracted by this one:

Anton Pavlenko‘s oil, Morning Meditation.

Plein Air 2015 - meeting with an artist- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Plein Air 2015 - Elvis and gentleman companion - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Elvis and his gentleman companion taking in the art.

Plein Air 2015 - Mira and Me - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Mira Petkova, a fabulous new volunteer at the gallery who is helping with promotion material, and myself shooting the event (Thanks Thuy Le).

Plein Air 2015 - Nancy MacDonald, title unavailable - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Nancy MacDonald‘s oil, Joined at the Hip – love those stabs of red!


Fins, Feathers and Fur

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Marie Cameron 2015

One of the really nice things about the Fins, Feathers and Fur Exhibit at the Pacific Art League (besides the soulful art) is that many of the exhibiting artists have chosen to donate 10% from the sale of their work to the Peninsula Humane Society / SPCA!

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Voulnteers with the Peninsula Humane Society 2015

On hand at Friday night’s opening reception were two of their friendly volunteers and Swiss, a very cute and totally adoptable puppy! Here he is happily flaked out after so much adoring attention.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Swiss - adoptable puppy Peninsula Humane Society 2015

This show was juried by Bradley Platz of Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. He spoke at the reception but sadly before I had arrived.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Blake McFarland, Cougar, Recyled tires...- photo Marie Cameron 2015

1st place was awarded to this striking sculpture, Cougar, made from recycled tires by Blake McFarland. The photo does not show how the great texture and personality in this work, for that, see the artist’s website – I’ve provided links on all the artist’s names where available.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Maura Carta, Rabbit, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

2nd place went to Maura Carta for her oil painting Rabbit.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Denise Howard, What is it? Colored pencil, 3rd place- photo Marie Cameron 2015

3rd place was awarded to Denise Howard for her flawless colored pencil drawing What Is It?.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Elaine Heron photography  - honorable mention for her Sled Dog Guarding her Pups in Greenland- photo Marie Cameron 2015

Honorable Mentions were awarded to Elaine Heron for her photograph, Sled Dog Guarding her Pups in Greenland.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Honorable Mention - photo Marie Cameron 2015

This abstract drawing which I failed to get a name or title on.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -  David Fleming, The Wayward Bus, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

And to David Fleming’s oil painting, Wayward Bus.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Carol Rafferty, Two Cows, oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

There were three artists from the Los Gatos Museums Gallery with work in this show, Carol Rafferty with her oil painting, Two Cows.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Ed Lucey, I See You, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Ed Lucey with his oil painting, I See You.

Strawberry Demitasse Trio - Marie Cameron -  Oil

And myself with my oil painting, Strawberry Demitasse Trio.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - Marie Cameron and Strawberry Demitasse Trio, photo 2 Denise Howard 2015

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - reception- photo Marie Cameron 2015

It was fascinating to see all the different takes on animals, from the realistically observational, the whimsical, the symbolic and the political / environmental.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Janice Wong, Spring Hill Way Series, Autumn, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Janice Wong’s oil painting, Spring Hill Way Series – Autumn.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jean-Marc Brugeilles, The Stool and the Rabbit, Oil - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Jean-Marc Brugeilles’ oil painting, The Stool and the Rabbit.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Diana Lee, Guess What, Scatchboard - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Diana Lee‘s scratchboard drawing Guess What.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -  John Haynes, Which Brush? Watercolor - photo Marie Cameron 2015

John Haynes watercolor painting, Which Brush?

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Skye Becker-Yamakawa and her BIg Cat paintings, Acylic- photo Marie Cameron 2015          Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL -Tulio Flores, Morph, Found Objects - photo Marie Cameron 2015            Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jeffery Anthony Baylon, Bottled1 and 2, photo manipulations on metal prints - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Skye Becker-Yamakawa and her Big Cat acrylic paintings (left), Tulio Flores‘s found object sculpture, Morph (center) and Jeffery Anthony Baylon’s manipulated photographs on metal, Bottled 1 and 2 (right).

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - Jenefir Renzel, Walking Stick,  Assemblage - photo Marie Cameron 2015

Jenifer Renzel‘s assemblage, Walking Stick.

Fins, Feathers and Fur - PAL - photo Marie Cameron 2015


Joyeux Noël!

A lovely evening of art, wine, hors d’oeuvres and great company at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery’s holiday reception! It’s so nice to spend the evening with all our local member artists and our fabulous art loving community!

LGMG Holiday Reception - from Joyeux Noel by Johane Amirault

The holiday reception invitation was based on a detail from the painting, Joyeux Noël by one of new member artists, Johane Amirault’s. Her vibrant, (usually) abstract work is a welcome addition to the gallery!

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Front Door

I love the way the community comes our to celebrate with us every year!

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Belinda Lima

The tree was hung with the small treasure paintings, proceeds of which are earmarked for our party fund! Looks like member artist Belinda Lima is working the desk.

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Ed Lucey and Ellen Howard

Member artists Ellen Howard (who’s new to the gallery this year with her beautiful oil landscapes) and Ed Lucey chatting in the corner.

Member artist Veronica Gross conversing with quests in this corner.

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Shanna and Lisa

I love when this kind of thing happens, I had gone over to complement this woman on her fabulous taste (loved her vintage style) only to find out that she was the very person who now owns the folding screen that is in the background of my painting Feathers! Her friend, Lisa, had discovered this the month before when she was admiring my painting and brought her to the reception. It was a blast to talk with Shanna and Lisa, who are both portrait lovers, and to hear their fabulous stories of the portraits in their lives. I felt like I was finding members of my tribe!

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Tom Yacoe, Mary Ann Henderson, Carole Rafferty

Member artists Mary Ann Henderson and Carole Rafferty talking with artist Tom Yacoe.

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Larry Arzie

Larry Arzie with guests by the small treasures tree.

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Kevin Kasik

Is that member artist Kevin Kasik on the left (I’m not sure as  it looks like he’s traded his standard page boy for a holiday fedora)?

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Julia Watson, Nancy deWeess

Member artists Julia Watson and Nancy deWeess looking to thank co-owners Larry Arzie and David Stonesifer for all they do to make this great gallery possible!

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Julia Watson

Thanks too to Julia Watson, member artist and part time manager of our gallery for all her hard work making this year a very successful one!

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Sandi Okita

Member artist Sandi Okita who has some beautiful portraits on exhibit.

LGMG Holiday Reception 2014 - Back Door

Thanks to everyone who turned out and to those who volunteered to make this a such a nice event!


Land’ Sea’ and Urbanscapes at PAL

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception F

The Pacific Art League held a reception for their October exhibition Landscapes, Seascapes and Urbanscapes, juried by Sara Kabot, Head of Exhibitions at the Cantor. I was pretty excited to hear that one of my two oil paintings juried in (Bottom of the Bay) was awarded First Place! There had been a record 343 entries for this show and a lot of really fine work! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names it you want to visit them.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron Bottom of the Bay (FP) and Orchard I Saratoga, both oil


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron - Pointing out the blue!
So happy to see the blue!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Gary Coleman Blazing Shadows oil

Gary Coleman, felllow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member,  was awarded Second Place for his oil, Blazing Shadows.


PAL landscapes reception 10-14 Third PLace PhotographThird Place went to this gorgeous photograph.  So hard to catch the delicacy of these images when up against glass and reflections!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Lisa Ellis Sunbathing PhotographyLisa J Ellis Sunbathing Photography Honorable Mention – love it, it seems so Californian to me!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Malika Santa Cruz Living Water 1 Acrylic HMLiving Water 1, an acrylic by Malika Santa Cruz was awarded an Honorable Mention. There was another Honorable Mention for a photography of the Giants Ball Park but my image was so blurry I couldn’t post it.


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Cynthia Barmore Stanford oilCynthia Barmore‘s Stanford in oil was a small but perfect painting.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Janet Bartlet Goodman PAL instructor), Down The Road, EncausticThere was a gorgeous encaustic, Down The Road, by PAL instructor Janet Bartlet.



PAl LSandU10-14 Ed Lucey North of Salinas oilI was happy to see a group of my friends were juried in as well.  Curiously, they all had window placements which is great exposure but challenging to shoot. Maralyn Miller, Los Gatos artist and current LGAA president, exhibited her beautiful Pacific Grove oil.

Ed Lucey, fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member, Los Gatos Artist and also LGAA member was showing his oil, North of Salinas (dramatic view of hills lower right.)

Saratoga Artist and LGAA member, Isaias Sandoval was exhibiting his acrylic Ocean View.


PAL 10-14 Receptions LS and U - Isaias Sandoval , Ocean View, Acrylic

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Kit Colman Moon over Palo Alto oilKit Colman was exhibiting the oil painting Moon Over Palo Alto.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Archil Pichkhadze, Three, OilArchil Pichkhadze was showing his stunning oil painting Three. I had recently been introduced to his work through Anne and Mark’s Art Party and through assemblage artist Jennifer J. Renzel now I’m a big fan!


Family Admiring Archil Pichkhadze oil painting Three             PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Anita Tran, The Standford Quad, Photoshop CC.jpg            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes  - Checking out the ArtAnita Tran with her Photoshop CC, The Stanford Quad (center) flanked by photos of young art critics taking a close look at the art.


PAL Reception  10-14


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Mark Monsarrat Half Moon Bay Farm oil              PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Angelica Spurigo The Vessel oil            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Patti Bond, Yellow Swirl, PhotographyMark Monsarrat with Half Moon Bay Farm (left), one of thoe oil paitings he har juried in,   Angelica Spurigo with her oil The Vessel  (center) and Patti Bond with Yellow Swirl (right), one of two photographs she had on exhibit.


PAL Caroline Mustard Digital Artist

Caroline Mustard was also having an exhibit of her ipad digital Art in the Corridor Gallery.


PAL 10-14 Steve Curl DemoPacific Art League instructor and watercolorist, Steve Curl gave a live demo of his technique, a real crowd pleaser! His dynamic use of a wash in the island’s light filled mist – very nice!

PAlL 10- 14 Steve Curl Demo Materials






PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Steve Curl Demo watercolor detail

PAl 10-14 Steve Curl Demo Crowd


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Silhouettes

Last Hours – SVOS 2014

I was able to squeeze in a few more studio visits before time ran out on the 28th annual Silicon Valley Open Studios. Click on the artist’s name for a link to their website.

First on my list was Ed Lucey‘s hilltop Los Gatos studio ( Site 271).  I have admired his work since I arrived in California in 1997 where I saw it at the Pacific Art League and although we both belong to the Los Gatos Museums Art Gallery and the Los Gatos Art Association, I have never seen his studio!

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey - Artist in his Studio

I was not disappointed. It was overflowing with richly hued landscapes and the occasional still life and that was just what was on the walls – lots more in the pull out racks!

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey and guests

The artist talking with studio guests.

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey -  Valley View

Ed Lucey’s work is really rooted in the local landscape, you can feel that as you gaze out over the valley below his studio.

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey - Los Gatos Studio

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey - Wall of Art

SVOS 2014 - Ed Lucey - Plein Air

His plein air easel was set up on the patio – you really need that umbrella for the California sun!

SVOS 2014 Michael Rogan ( Site 271)

Michael Rogan, who belongs to the Los Gatos Museums Gallery and the Los Gatos Art Association too, was also exhibiting his work at Ed’s. Michael had his great watercolor landscapes and portraits and I’ve seen his roosters before but his parrots were new to me!

Not the only wildlife to be seen at  the studio…..

Rattlesnake - photo Maie Cameron 2014

Rattle - photo Marie Cameron 2014

Yes, that’s a rattler – a little one and, sadly, not a live one anymore but it was amazing to examine it up close and to remember that though we seldom see these snakes, they’re close by!


SVOS 2014 - Holly Van Hart

The last stop on my list was Holly Van Hart‘s Saratoga studio. I met Holly this last year as she became a new member of the Los Gatos Museums Gallery and won the Triton Museum of Art’s Statewide Painting Competition (and a coveted solo show). She’s busy preparing an “oeuvre” of nest and egg themed paintings related to her winning entry, Possibilities Abound, for this upcoming exhibition.

SVOS 2014 - Holly Van Hart- Possibilities Alight

Possibilities Alight

SVOS 2014 - Holly Van Hart- Queen of Possibilities

Queen of Possibilities

SVOS 2014 - Holly Van Hart - Studio

Holly’s nests are very warm and fluid and textured, I especially love Possibilities Alight where the nest is precariously perched among all those lovely magnolias and the activity within the nest is implied but still mysterious. Can’t wait for the show!


Spring Awakening

I finally got a chance to visit the Spring Awakening show at the Pacific Art League that was juried by Los Gatos artists Maralyn Miller and Ed Lucey and I was delighted to see that I had been awarded 3rd place for one of my two entries!

Spring Awakening PAL 2014 Marie Cameron - Lily of the Valley with Cows


Here’s the run down of awards, (click on the artist’s name for more information):

Fred Holle - When Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind?

1st place  went to Fred Holle from San Carlos for his acrylic, When Winter Comes Can Spring be Far Behind?


 Lyn Twitchell - Jessica 1

2nd place was awarded to Lyn Twitchell of Gardnerville, Nevada for her oil, Jessica 1. So lush!


 Marie Cameron - Lily of the Valley with Cows

3rd place was given to my oil, Lily of the Valley With Cows.


Mark Garner - Peaceful Reflections

Honorable Mention went to Mark Garner of Palo Alto for his watercolor, Peaceful Reflections.


Robin Apple - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden no.1

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden #1,  a photograph by Robin Apple of Palo Alto also received an Honorable Mention.


Sagi Erez- Second Day in Yellow

Second Day in Yellow, an oil by Sagi Erez of Sunnyvale was awarded an Honorable Mention too.


Jennifer Blalack - Spring Reflected

I really enjoyed the exuberance of Cupertino’s Jennifer Blalack’s acrylic, Spring Reflected.  I love how the blossoms seem to bloom out of a chaos of golden mud!


Spring Awakening PAL 2014 - paintings by Julia Watson and Deborah Gabris

I was happy to see two fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery artists in the show, Julia Watson of San Jose with her acrylic, Spring of ’13 and Deborah Gabris of Los Gatos with her acrylic, Spring in Pacific Grove, Carpet Ice Plants.


Spring Awakening PAL 2014 - Marie Cameron - Dancing on Yellow

It was nice to see one of my photographs hanging in an exhibit for a change! Here I am with Dancing on Yellow.

 Skye Becker-Yamakawa- Hesperia

My favorite in the exhibit was still Skye Becker-Yamakawa‘s Hesperia which was featured on the postcard for the show. Heavenly! How fun it would be to decorate a room around this painting!



Spring Awakening

Isn’t she lovely? This is the Pacific Art League‘s card for this month’s exhibit, Spring Awakening featuring Hesperia by Skye Becker-Yamakawa The show was juried by two great local artists Maralyn Miller and Ed Lucey and I’m delighted to have two pieces in the show!

The first is Lily of the Valley with Cows, an oil painting which certainly feels like spring to me.

The second is Dancing on Yellow – A digital photograph that I took this year – springy in more ways than one!

The show runs from April 4-24, with a reception this Friday, April 4 from 5:30 – 8:00pm.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 – Silent Auction

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 - Town Park PlazaI was able to catch the last few hours of the Los Gatos Plein Air Art Show down town after taking in the Triton Midsummer Art Celebration last weekend. I knew I was in the right place as there was a steady stream of people leaving the Town Park Plaza laden with heavy gold frames holding freshly painted works of art!  Los Gatos Plein Air is a fundraiser presented by the Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club. Jurored artists have nearly a week to paint at least six plein air pieces of local vistas.  This event supports the arts, music and youth in the South Bay, and the humanities programs of Rotary International.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Town Park PlazaIt was amazing to see what these talented plein air artists were able to whip up in such a short time! I can imagine the pressure is so intense to produce your best work on demand like this! I’ve provided links to their websites, which can be reached by clicking on their names.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Ed LuceyEd Lucey is a Los Gatos artist,  a member of the LGMG and LGAA  who was recently featured in Artist’s Magazine! He specializes in local landscape and playful still life oil paintings.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Ed Lucey's cactus painting

Hey I know that cactus!  I pass it on my favorite evening walk. It’s funny how I’ve photographed it, been photographed with it but never though to painting it.  Ed Lucey has done such a beautiful job with it – I’m loving all those warm rich tones!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Terri Ford

Terri Ford (in the shades) is an accomplished pastel artist from San Jose who used to be a member of our gallery. I miss seeing her paintings there as I always covet them!  Her use of color and material is always gorgeous, sadly not so evident from this photo as her display was hopping! Her website is great though and she teaches classes!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Sergio Lopez

Sergio Lopez, from Santa Rosa, reminds me of one of my favorite impressionaist artists, Childe Hassam, especially the painting of the bluff (upper left). I think he said it was from Wilder State Park in Santa Cruz. Sergio also paints an exquisite series of women overlaid with floral patterns, called Painted Roses,  how I adore them! For a full rundown on all the pieces he did for the show, check out his great blog!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 John WhiteJohn White of Long Beach is a plein air and studio artist. I love the seascape on the bottom right. See all those empty hooks? Those paintings went off  to new homes before the close of the auction, one of them (a fresh vineyard scene) can be seen on his website.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 David Stonesifer and

Exhibiting artist David Stonesifer of Los Gatos and artist Lesley Underwood (both Los Gatos Gallery Members) were enjoying a moment at David’s display.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 David Stonesifers Laguna Road at Santa Teresa

I love the compostion, the square format and the pink undertones in Here  is David Stonesifer’s oil painting, Laguna Road at Santa Teresa!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Tonja Zenin

Tonja Zenin of Cupertino painted several views from one of my favorite spots, Shark Tooth Cove in Davenport!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Anton Pavleko's work

Anton Pavlenko also did several paintings from Shark Tooth Cove too, I mean who could resist (not me) It’s beautiful there!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Anton Palenko's seascapeLook how the color of the water warms up as it hits the beach and goes cool and deep as it hits the shadow from the rocks!  Those loose, buttery brush strokes make me salivate!

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Anton Pavlenko's Waiting to Cross

For me,  this little oil painting, Waiting to Cross also by Anton Pavlenko is what plein air is all about!  With only a few exuberantly textured and vibrant strokes he has captured but also transformed a familiar scene. The staccatos of red and green really animate the piece and the entire image seems to shimmer with the movement of the juicy brushwork. I go for burgers now and then at that building on the right, It overlooks the plaza where the silent auction was held.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Brenda Boylan Coffee Break

Here’s another familiar haunt charmingly rendered in pastel by Brenda Boylan of Beaverton, Oregon in Coffee Break. How did she capture moving people like that! This is clearly the Los Gatos Roasting Company on Main Street where there’s always a good crowd and on weekends there are hoards of cyclists and dogs of all breeds added to the mix! I love her use of color and raking lines.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 John Ag and Kee JinI ran into John Agg, Executive Director of the Art Museum of Los Gatos and artist Kee Jin who were taking in the event.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Sterling Hoffman
I got to meet Sterling Hoffman of Sebastopol for the first time. You can see some of his work is on the left,  paintings from Garrod Farms, a spot with which I’m very familiar with as my daughter loves the horse camps they offer there.

Los Gatos Plein Air 2013 Marti Walker

Marti Walker of West Sacramento did this charming pastel of one of Los Gatos’s storefronts (Tassels, I’m guessing). Just one of the many paintings proving the town to be as pretty as a picture!