Land’ Sea’ and Urbanscapes at PAL

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception F

The Pacific Art League held a reception for their October exhibition Landscapes, Seascapes and Urbanscapes, juried by Sara Kabot, Head of Exhibitions at the Cantor. I was pretty excited to hear that one of my two oil paintings juried in (Bottom of the Bay) was awarded First Place! There had been a record 343 entries for this show and a lot of really fine work! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names it you want to visit them.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron Bottom of the Bay (FP) and Orchard I Saratoga, both oil


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Marie Cameron - Pointing out the blue!
So happy to see the blue!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Gary Coleman Blazing Shadows oil

Gary Coleman, felllow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member,  was awarded Second Place for his oil, Blazing Shadows.


PAL landscapes reception 10-14 Third PLace PhotographThird Place went to this gorgeous photograph.  So hard to catch the delicacy of these images when up against glass and reflections!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Lisa Ellis Sunbathing PhotographyLisa J Ellis Sunbathing Photography Honorable Mention – love it, it seems so Californian to me!


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Malika Santa Cruz Living Water 1 Acrylic HMLiving Water 1, an acrylic by Malika Santa Cruz was awarded an Honorable Mention. There was another Honorable Mention for a photography of the Giants Ball Park but my image was so blurry I couldn’t post it.


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Cynthia Barmore Stanford oilCynthia Barmore‘s Stanford in oil was a small but perfect painting.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -Janet Bartlet Goodman PAL instructor), Down The Road, EncausticThere was a gorgeous encaustic, Down The Road, by PAL instructor Janet Bartlet.



PAl LSandU10-14 Ed Lucey North of Salinas oilI was happy to see a group of my friends were juried in as well.  Curiously, they all had window placements which is great exposure but challenging to shoot. Maralyn Miller, Los Gatos artist and current LGAA president, exhibited her beautiful Pacific Grove oil.

Ed Lucey, fellow Los Gatos Museums Gallery member, Los Gatos Artist and also LGAA member was showing his oil, North of Salinas (dramatic view of hills lower right.)

Saratoga Artist and LGAA member, Isaias Sandoval was exhibiting his acrylic Ocean View.


PAL 10-14 Receptions LS and U - Isaias Sandoval , Ocean View, Acrylic

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Kit Colman Moon over Palo Alto oilKit Colman was exhibiting the oil painting Moon Over Palo Alto.

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14  Reception

PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Archil Pichkhadze, Three, OilArchil Pichkhadze was showing his stunning oil painting Three. I had recently been introduced to his work through Anne and Mark’s Art Party and through assemblage artist Jennifer J. Renzel now I’m a big fan!


Family Admiring Archil Pichkhadze oil painting Three             PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 -  Anita Tran, The Standford Quad, Photoshop CC.jpg            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes  - Checking out the ArtAnita Tran with her Photoshop CC, The Stanford Quad (center) flanked by photos of young art critics taking a close look at the art.


PAL Reception  10-14


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Mark Monsarrat Half Moon Bay Farm oil              PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Angelica Spurigo The Vessel oil            PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Patti Bond, Yellow Swirl, PhotographyMark Monsarrat with Half Moon Bay Farm (left), one of thoe oil paitings he har juried in,   Angelica Spurigo with her oil The Vessel  (center) and Patti Bond with Yellow Swirl (right), one of two photographs she had on exhibit.


PAL Caroline Mustard Digital Artist

Caroline Mustard was also having an exhibit of her ipad digital Art in the Corridor Gallery.


PAL 10-14 Steve Curl DemoPacific Art League instructor and watercolorist, Steve Curl gave a live demo of his technique, a real crowd pleaser! His dynamic use of a wash in the island’s light filled mist – very nice!

PAlL 10- 14 Steve Curl Demo Materials






PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Steve Curl Demo watercolor detail

PAl 10-14 Steve Curl Demo Crowd


PAL Land, Sea and Urbanscapes 10-14 - Silhouettes


If the turn out for the “Meet the Artist” event last night was any indictor, tonight’s Gala Auction should be a rip-roaring success! Proceeds benefit the Pacific Art League and the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto so bid high and often! It’s not too late to get tickets at the door  -475 Homer Ave, 6-9 pm! I’ve linked artist’s websites to their names where applicable.

The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto is in an impressive, historic Arts and Crafts building. Here, the beautiful ballroom was filled the painted chairs of over 100 local artists being previewed for the auction.

Dressed to match my chair, people could easily identify me as the artist responsible for Rose Vanitas.

Leslie Prindle-Klein with her chair, I See London, I see France…

Margarita Soyfertis with her mosaic piece,  Chair 2.

Graphic artist, Jodie Stowe with her chair, Sit.

Fleur Sopidor with her chair, San Francisco History.

Janki Chokshi with her chair, Majestic which was inspired by Mughal design.

Isaias Sandoval with his chair, Infinity and Beyond, based on one of his bold paintings.

Tanya Yurgaitis with her chair, Big Red.

Sonny and Chair by Hooten von Hooten.

Amy Lee’s chair.

Dora Grinnell’s bottle cap chair.

Mortal and Divine by Lissa Starnes.

Mary Ann Girard’s peacock and lotus chair (above and below).

Shannon Amidon‘s lovely creation.

Broadway Boogie-Woogie – by Lippert and Lippert

Shechina by Alan Helfen should have hung out with Rose Vanitas!

Pie in the Sky by Faith Hornbacher was simply dreamy!

Susanne Smith’s cats.

Love these graphic pops of dogwood and poppies on Joan Harvey‘s chair.

Patina Moon by Andreina Davila was ethereal – as are her fabulous paintings!

Fur, Feathers & Fins – the Beat Goes On

Pre-FF&F Asian Pear Sangria

First Fridays – It’s when all the arts all over the Bay Area  seem to be on display.  The Pacific Art League, for instance had an opening reception for four exhibits in their make-shift facility on Forest (their longtime, historic home next door is undergoing a major retrofit overhaul). There was a solo exhibition of watercolor paintings by Zhao Nan Duan,  Fur, Feathers & Fins, a regional group exhibition juried by Michael Azgour,  a group exhibition of contemporary abstract work and The Beats – Back Where It All Began, poetry and music presented by Leah Lubin. A lot going on in a very small space!

Poetry reading presented by Leah Lubin at PAL - FF&F 2013

Poetry reading.

When I arrived with my family we had just missed the announcements and award ceremony. My painting, End of Spring, was hanging in the corner behind the large watercolor by Zhao Nan Duan which had been placed there to introduce him but remained for most of the evening. The poets and musicians were in full swing and my family left without getting to see my piece on exhibit. Sigh!

First Friday Opening Reception at PAL-Fur, Feathers & Fins & Poetry

Large turnout for First Friday reception!

The poetry and music was a big hit and there was a great turn out for it, something I may have been in the mood for if I was in a different frame of mind but I was really more interested in speaking with the other visual artists who were attending the reception.

FF&F at PAL Isaias Sandoval - Sad Rose - Oil

Congratulations to Isaias Sandoval, who I know from the Los Gatos Art Association. He was awarded first place for his oil painting Sad Rose. He had both fur and feathers! The juror loved his use of metaphor.

FF&F at PAL - Denise Howard - Golfer's Error - Graphite

Denise Howard took second place for her graphite drawing, Golfer’s Error. Here the juror appreciated her light consistent touch and the clear telling of a complete story. And I had asked my kids before the show if they thought I would have the only dead animal in the show! Denise tells me that she’d also drawn a sparrow, called Ascension, who had sadly hit her window.

FF&F at PAL - Maura Carta - Rabbit - Oil

Maura Carta was awarded third place for her oil painting Rabbit. Here the juror commented on the varied but cohesive brush strokes that beautifully evoked the softness of the plush toy and blanket.

FF&F at PAL Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - two oil

My friend Mei-Ying Dell’Aquila was awarded honorable mention for Liberty Prometheus : Gift, the oil painting on the left. Her Liberty Prometheus : Punishment was also selected for the exhibition.  Mei-Ying’s works are rich with symbolism and allegory, my photo caught too much glare and doesn’t do them justice.

FF&F at PAL Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila - oil (detail)

Here’s a detail from Liberty Prometheus : Gift – her crow and pomegranate are two subjects I’m always drawn to and she’s rendered them so lushly!

FF&F at PAL - Jaya King - Black, White and Red All Over - Acrylic and Collage

I’m a big fan of my friend Jaya King’s work she has a playful and whimsical side as seen here in her painting, Black, White and Red All Over and a moving lyrical side which is evidenced in her work through Nieto Fine Art.

FF&F at PAlL - Ellen Litwiller -  Quagga - Oil

My daughter and I were quite taken with this oil painting by Ellen Litwiller entitled Quagga (Last One Died August 12, 1883). It’s faded sepia tones are like an old photograph, it has a loose ghostly quality so suitable for a tragically extinct animal, the repetition of vertical lines throughout bring to mind a cage and echo the pattern of it’s coat. The incorporation of text not only lends context but is a great graphic element that helps to anchor the piece.

FF&F at PAL - Matre Thompson - Discussion ( Dicus Pair) Acrylic

The soft patterns and richly subdued color palette of Marte Thompson’s acrylic painting, Discussion (Discus) were really lovely.

FF&F at PAL Marie Cameron- End of Spring - oil

End of Spring unveiled!

Finally, my oil painting, End of Spring was revealed near the end of the reception, just in time for a snap – compliments of my photographer friend, Ron Dell’Aquilla (who just won first place in the the Triton Museum of Art’s  2013 Statewide Photography Competition/ Exhibition where he was awarded his own solo show)!  I capped off my evening over impossibly viridian green Italian drinks, mint in name only, with my very first Californian friend, artist Ai Aroner, who used to work at the Pacific Art League in the days that I volunteered there back before the bust. Cin-cin!