Figures and Faces

The Figures and Faces exhibition on at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto untill the end of the month looks great! Juried by Lynne Todaro (sculptor and director of Vargas Gallery at mission college) selected a wide variety of media with diverse approaches but all very emotive and expressive!

Lynne Todaro, director of Vargas Gallery at Mission College and sculptor in some opening remarks.

First place was awarded to GayLynn Ribeira for her oil Stages.

She could have picked up a co-first for her second piece, Memory!

I was awarded second place for my oil, bugatha1!

Here I am with juror Lynne Todaro, so honored that she chose three of my portraits for the exhibit, bugatha1, Tiny as the Universe and Eden!


The gallery manager Stephanie Amon asked me to give an artist’s talk about my People in my Neighborhood series.

Third place went to Tanya Larin‘s oil Christoph Köln at the Age of 50.

Cherryl Pape received an honorable mention for her graphite drawing Omonike seen here with her lovely model.


Jiajun Lu , was also awarded honorable mention for his ceramic sculpture, S.J. in 3D.

Connecting with Ganesha, an archival pigment print was awarded an honorable mention.

Archival pigment print.

Maura Carta and her self portrait in oil.

Maura Carta and her handsome model.

The man and his portrait!

Carol Bower and Her pastel Kami

Weijue Wang and her Graphite powder on paper, Now You See Me.

“la Dance” Revisited: This Side / The Other Side  archival pigment print photograph by H. Dogus Akaydin.

Venus and the Dark Veil of Censorship an Arista print digital photograph by The Antic Staatsoper.

Judy Kramer with her digital photograph and her darling model.

The Age of Wisdom, oil by Ayelet Gal-On.

Lamentation: A Sculpture for my Mother the Dancer by Ciaran Freeman a steel, nylon, spray paint and wood sculpture.

Ciaran Freeman gave a talk about his concept, research and process. His sculpture is much like a drawing in the third dimension welding together lengths of steel like individual lines from a pencil. He had looked toward Martha Graham  and her work with jersey for insights into his mothers dancing practice and designed this sculpture for her.

Dave Woodard was the final talk of the evening. He told us the fascinating story behind his terra cotta sculpture with fishhooks, Dream of a Spontaneous Utterance.  It was literally based on an actual dream he’d had after saying some things he’d regretted to a friend! How fabulous to dream in metaphor like this!

He had me at fishhooks!

Art Walk

A little wine, a little walk, a lot of art…once a month downtown Los Gatos has been holding an art walk where merchants hosting local artists sport orange and while balloons. I caught it last night, (as a guest, not a participant) it was a lot of fun and a great success!

Julia Watson was featured at Cover Story exhibiting her floral oil paintings.

Julia Watson at Cover Story - Art Walk

Julia's Roses - Art Walk

Julia's Hollyhocks - Art Walk


Jeanne Tillman was at Harvest with her paper cast bows and leaves.

Jeanne Tillman at Harvest  - Art Walk

Jeanne Tillman at Harvest - Art Walk


Carol Bower was showing acrylic and Pastel paintings at Harvest.

Carol Bower at Harvest - Art Walk

Carol Bower's Pastel at Harvest - Art Walk


Tom Yacoe‘s serene landscapes were featured at Jco’s Place.

Jco's Place - Art Walk 2014

Tom Yacoe at Jco's Place - Art Walk

Marie Cameron and Tom Yacoe at Jco's Place (Smedt, Yacoe, di Pietro, Owens)


Will Maller did a beautiful oil painting demo at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery.

Will Maller LGMG Art Walk


I even came away with a lovely painting of Carol Bower’s that I could’t resist!

Potted Plant 4 - Carol Bower

Potted Plant 4 by Carol Bower

There were lots of other artists and shops that I didn’t get to  but there’s always next month!