Dressing the P(art)


So, I fell in love with another dress!

Art of Dressing - Casa de Wendy Dress - Marie Cameron 2013

This time it’s a Spanish number by Casita de Wendy. It not only captures some of the joy and mystery of the botanical world (on a flattering black background) but also makes a whimsical, fairylike nod and wink to the work of Hieronymous Bosch and the little hands and feet reaching out of the flowers remind me of the work I’ve been doing with broken doll parts lately.

Art of Dressing - Details from Casa de Wendy Dress 1- Marie Cameron 2013

Casa de Wendy dress details.

Details from the Garden of Earthly  Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

Details of Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.

Frozen Fragments - Marie Cameron - 2013

Photographs of mine using unearthed remnants of early Frozen Charlotte dolls, flowers and shells.

Art of Dressing - Floral Needlepoint Handbag - Marie Cameron 2013

The vintage needle point bag was a perfect match for this dress, though when I spotted it on ebay I imagined it to be big enough to hold only my phone and a credit card – turns out it’s big enough for my camera and a sandwich, even with a wallet. Tradition, beauty and function!

Art of Dressing -Skull and Flowers T- Marie Cameron 2013

I found the T-shirt at a local thrift store and wondered if I could get away with wearing a giant skull and rosary and decided it was worth a shot. I love how the image is based on the Dutch vanitas tradition which points to our numbered blooming days. Here are some contemporary versions of this theme by what might be an early Dutch master (or a contemporary one), Vanitas by Titti Garelli and Gardenia by Kamei Toru.

Blue Moths and Skull -http-::30.media.tumblr.com:tumblr_lxlmenPXoM1qlnuyno1_500

Vanitas by Titti Garelli

Gardenia by Kamei Toru

I think I’ll pair this with some fun wedges and some skinny jeans and go and get some ink on! Just kidding – while I love it on other people, I’m only brave enough to put ink to paper (my ears are not even pierced)!

I’m not trying to over think how I dress – I’m just motivated by the same impulses that move me to create my Florilegia– the love of florals, botanicals, art history and curious objects with a history of their own.


Mature Elegance – Florilegia     Marie Cameron    2012   mixed media assemblage

 Marie Cameron with Shame Silece and Oblivion and dahlias 2013



Fine Feathered Friends

Fine-Fearthered Friends blouse 3

OK, so maybe I always liked dressing up, but these fun themed exhibition receptions, like tonight’s Fur, Feather and Fins reception at the Pacific Art League, are always a great excuse to pull together a look that relates to your work! It’s not a costume party of anything, I’m not going to wear a feathered mask or wings but I do enjoy drawing subtle references to my work in my jewelry and maybe in one item of clothing. To that end, I found this great silk blouse on sale at my favorite store Anthropologie which I’ll wear with a golden feather ring from another of my haunts, Etsy.

Fine-Fearthered Friends blouse 2

Fine-Feathered Friends blouse 1 2013

Fine-Feathered Friends 4

I like how these printed birds are as realistic as my blue robin and provide a joyful counterpoint to my painting End of Spring.  I also adore the filigree work which I like to incorporate into my Florilegia series.

End of Spring Marie Cameron 2013 40x30 oil on canvas

It will be interesting to see how people respond to End of Spring tonight! The reception runs from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. See you there!

Fur, Feathers & Fins Invite 2013