Queen Anne’s Lace in the Air

I was just dropping off Christy Ann’s Lace for installation in the Scapes show at The Pacific Art League when I noticed that directly above was Anna Jacke’s Queen Anne’s Lace watercolor, still hanging from the Waterworks exhibit. What are the odds! Representing sanctuary, this flower symbolizes complexity and delicacy – is Queen Anne’s Lace the new “it” flower?

The reception for Scapes is this Friday, October 5,  5:30 -8:00 I’ll be there with an entourage of  friends!

Marie Cameron Dropping Chrissty Ann's Lace at PAL 2012

I dropped off Christy Ann’e Lace for installation in Scapes at the Pacific Art League.

Anna Jacke's Queen Anne's Lace Watercolor

Anna Jacke’s Queen Anne’s Lace watercolor painting in Waterworks.

Marie Cameron - Pacific Art League 2012

The Pacific Art League has been around since 1921 when it was known as the Palo Alto Art Club.

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