Painting of Magnolia Tea II

So happy to get to my first painting of the white hummingbird I had so gleefully stalked with my telephoto at the Arboretum in Santa Cruz a few months back. I have lots of plans for all photos I took of him  but I wanted to start with something for my Birds & Teacups series.  I paired him with a white Limogues T&V demitasse, which is a delicate and glowing as the bird, and a magnolia grandiflora bloom.  If I’s wanted to be matchy-matchy I might have painted whit ivy, which seems to be depicts on the handle of the demitasse, but there’s enough magic and mystery going on in this image and I really loved the the scale of the flower compared to the bird and the cup.

Quick oil sketch in rose and vilolet tones.

Blocked in a whole lot of loose color, working largely dark to light.

Placing more halftones and highlights.




Good day’s work but I ran out of daylight and objectivity. By Monday I should have more of both!

Meeting of the Models

For those of you who have been following my Birds & Teacups series, you must know my process by now:

antique teacup ✔

matching bouquet  ✔

combine above and wait for a bird (or two) to fly in and pose while I shoot with dramatic lighting  ✘

combine above and shoot with dramatic lighting  ✔

take pictures of local birds  ✔

add birds (in a naturalistic way) into the still life using photoshop  ✔

paint the heck out it   ✔  ✔  ✔

But yesterday was something new…a scrub jay was busy caching acorns about my yard and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a shot of the bird with the actual teacup I had planned on pairing it with. Usually I try to scale the bird to the teacup with the measurements listed on birding sites but this was going to give me a real life comparison, if only I could get them in the same shot! I filled the teacup with birdseed and acorns and retreated to my studio stoop with my telephoto lens on my camera. I had only a few minutes to wait before there was some interest…

Scrub Jay and Teacup 5 - photo Marie Cameoron 2015

Scrub Jay and Teacup 9 - photo Marie Cameoron 2015

Scrub Jay and Teacup 7 - photo Marie Cameoron 2015

Scrub Jay and Teacup 4 - photo Marie Cameoron 2015

Scrub Jay and Teacup 1 - photo Marie Cameoron 2015

Squirrel with teacup - photo Marie Cameron 2015

…of course the jay wasn’t the only one who likes a tea party !