teamLab at Pace

While I was picking up work from the Pacific Art League’s Figures and Faces show, which just wrapped up, I remembered that Pace was only minutes away and I was curious if the Pace Art + Technology exhibit with teamLab was still on. As luck would have it the show runs until July and I made it under the wire of their Memorial Day Weekend hours restrictions. What a show of digital and light based work!

This one seemed like a cosmic, electronic, floating sugar cube with it’s sparkling, ever-changing light display.

There were two of these floral digital displays which would grow and evolve and shed their petals. These ladies were not touching the screen but checking to see it their proximity would alter the events on the screen – it’s hard to tell whether this is so of is coincidental. It was beautifully ethereal!

In this room full of digital displays scored to music we were all mesmerized by the unfolding imagery.

In this installation of hanging lights, lined with mirror at the periphery, color shimmered and pulsated and we were offered glimpsed of ourselves and others though the glowing, twinkling curtain. It felt like an Indian wedding place to me and I had a craving for kulfi.




This digital piece was like a perpetual wave tank designed by Hokusai.


This was such an engaging piece, comprised of a number of digital panels it told the story of a man who chopped down a tree an released something terrible. The traditional imagery from the fable kept morphing and dissolving before out eyes. Utterly fascinating!

This piece showed the evolution of life from a branching armature into a blossoming ecosystem as it spun knit’s virtual digital axis. Gorgeous!

In the adjacent pavilion the younger set were trying their hand (and feet) at the interactive fun.

I think in the midst of that dark, disorienting maze I missed a few exhibits – I can’t wait to go back with my family!

To visit teamlab on Artsy clime here for the link: