Silk Screen Printing at the TechShop


We signed up for lifetime membership at the TechShop in San Jose and dove in with a silk screen printing class for starters….what a great place, I can’t wait to try my hand at everything they have to offer (and they offer so much)!

The vinyl cutter, cutting out our designs to mask out the silk screen.

The boy pulling his pint.

Nice firm, even pull.

His Bermuda Triangle print on a black T.

And here it is again on a canvas tote.

The boy modeling the finished product against a TechShop mural – so bright, it’s hard to see the design, FYI, don’t use translucent paint on black unless you’re going for subtle.

My toy sailor mask applied to the screen.

THe first pull was loaded with a mix of royal  blue and white for this almost glazed look.

By my second pull the colors had mixed more, creating a great vintage look.

My third and last pull was even more blended and looked great against this royal blue tank.

So much satisfaction for a first go, thanks to our instructor Aaron Baker and the other students in our group! I think I’ll work some more on this theme, adding toy sailors and some jellies to coincide with a painting I’m working on…