Spring Walk ‘n Talk

Nilofer and Marie on a Walk 'n Talk photo by Cooper Bates 2014photo – Cooper Bates

How I love spring –  it’s the miracle of all that dormant life bursting out of the dark and damp with such delicacy and pure beauty – it stuns me. A perfect milieu for a walk’n talk with Nilofer Merchant as we share budding new ideas.  Our areas of expertise are quite different, Nilofer the business innovator, author and speaker and me the visual artist and hopeless magpie but we’re both creators and know that while some of our sensibilities may overlap, it is the cross pollination of unique ideas that provides fertile ground for something new to take root. Too much spring metaphor? Never!

Clearly on a blossom rant – photo by Cooper Bates

Too bad I don’t  have a photo of Nilofer’s shoes, they’re covered with golden bees!

It was great watching photographer Cooper Bates with with his camera – the extreme angles he shot from, the unique elements he chose to frame some of his shots with and the element of motion he chose to employ… you can learn a lot on a walk!

Bloom on!

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