Stop Over

Stop Over, Kate Nartker‘s solo exhibition is on at the Jack Fischer Gallery. Running until December 5, the show is made up of dreamy digitally printed voile, woven imagery of home movies stills and video. For me it all seems to speak of the fragility of memory – loved it!

No Magenta Hydrangeas
Digitally printed voile

Almost There
Digitally printed voile

Wrinkles and puckers were part of the presentation in certain pieces, creating a moire effect with the layers of printed voile.

Woven panels.

Gallerist Jack Fischer gave artist Lorraine Lawson and I had a great personal tour of the Stop Over exhibit.

Weaving video.

In Kate Nartker’s hand woven textile the cross threads mimic the movement of the waves.

This woven textile panel takes you back into a past that feels nostalgic, vaguely familiar and hard to capture.


In front of Kate Nartker’s woven textile panel.