Brewing Narcissus Tea

I can’t decide whether the stylized flower on this English Deco teacup by Royal Grafton is meant to be a narcissus or a daffodil but I think there is some wiggle room. I will shoot it both ways.  My favorite flower shop, Bunches, had nosegays of narcissus on two for one so that was the perfect place to start. Even as I write this post I am surrounded by the heady scent of spring!

Narcissus Tea Reference 1 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 2 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 4 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 3 Marie Cameron 2015

Narcissus sends the Victorian message of formality, or “Stay as sweet as you are” conflicting  concepts I think! Let me know what you think – do you prefer the drama of the black background or the quaintness of the quilt?

White Crowned Sparrow - Marie Cameron 2014

I think I’ll pair up this teacup with this sweet White Crowned Sparrow. I have lots of photos of this little guy and his flock mates from the grounds of a local church and his markings seem to match perfectly! The bird says sweet, definitely not formal.