Brewing Narcissus Tea

I can’t decide whether the stylized flower on this English Deco teacup by Royal Grafton is meant to be a narcissus or a daffodil but I think there is some wiggle room. I will shoot it both ways.  My favorite flower shop, Bunches, had nosegays of narcissus on two for one so that was the perfect place to start. Even as I write this post I am surrounded by the heady scent of spring!

Narcissus Tea Reference 1 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 2 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 4 Marie Cameron 2015


Narcissus Tea Reference 3 Marie Cameron 2015

Narcissus sends the Victorian message of formality, or “Stay as sweet as you are” conflicting  concepts I think! Let me know what you think – do you prefer the drama of the black background or the quaintness of the quilt?

White Crowned Sparrow - Marie Cameron 2014

I think I’ll pair up this teacup with this sweet White Crowned Sparrow. I have lots of photos of this little guy and his flock mates from the grounds of a local church and his markings seem to match perfectly! The bird says sweet, definitely not formal.

First Sign of Winter

These flowers remind me of Christmas as it was all the rage when I lived in Toronto (especially in the design shops I frequented) to force the bulbs to bloom indoors during our icy winters. Today my narcissus just bloomed on its own in my decidedly un-icy Californian garden!

In these days of rampant self-gifting and overabundance it seems appropriate that the narcissus can represent selfishness in Victorian floriography.

First Sign of Winter - Narcissus - photo Marie Cameron 2012

Narcissus just bloomed in my garden today  –  a sign of spring for most but means winter to me.

Framed Narcissus - photo Marie Cameron 2012

There, now it’s art!