Open Studio Day 2!

Path to the Studio

Another brilliant day for Open Studios, in California’s Silicon Valley where there are droves of people who either make art, appreciate art or buy art, often all of the above! Oh yes, and nearly every day is reliably gorgeous! Sunday was warm and sunny and there was a steady stream of art lovers through my studio, over a hundred people for sure! I soon gave up my light attempt to paint and enjoyed my guests instead, a fantastic combination of artists, clients, neighbors and friends all dropping by to say hello or discover my work for the first time.

 Studio Angels

Luckily, all three of my studio angels, Judy, Ann and Mary were on hand to help out!

Artist Cuong Nguyenand his lovely friend Kim.

I was delighted that the brilliant portrait artist Cuong Nguyen dropped by with his beautiful friend, Kim. He’s such a pleasure to talk with and I always value his opinion (and adore his compliments)! I was happy to sign my first illustrated book, Buddhist Tales for each of them.

Addie, Sam and I

I was happy to welcome pastel artist Sam Pearson and his lovely wife Addie who I know through the Los Gatos Museums Gallery. It was fun to show them the pieces that don’t make it to the gallery either because they are being reserved for a solo exhibition or they are oversized or in my own personal collection.

Explaining Stellae Maris


We’re looking at my painting Stellae Maris, a tribute to my reverence for the sea.

Talking with Sandy, Lynn & Julia

Watercolorists  Nancy deWeess and Julia Watson as well as mixed media artist Jeanette Turkus, all LGMG members as well, came out to support me too! Julia’s checking out my Florilegia series while I describe my process to art collector and Master Gardener, Lynn Richards and fabric designer Sandy Hovancik.

Lynn, Me & Sandy Visiting children under the arbor. Celeste and Kari

It’s hard to be host and photographer both, I’m thankful to everyone who stopped to be in a picture or to take one!  Still, I missed the shot of the beautiful girl with hair as aqua as China Cove and Tony’s peach shirt and straw hat that sung of summer.

 Two Maries and one great ice cream!










Yarn bomber, film and ice cream maker Marie Hetherington came by with her handmade artisinal rosewater and pistachio ice cream! Just divine, in fact, I need to devote an entire post just to that – stay tuned! Meanwhile notice the red dots on the wall!

Lost Orchard by Marie Cameron 2012  Last Stand by Marie Cameron 2011

Rose Mandala II by Marie Cameron 2013

Cherry Blossom Twins by Marie Cameron 2012

Odessa's Kitchen Floor '50s by Marie Cameron 2000 oil on linoleum 7" x 5" 

Mussel Shell I by Marie Cameron 2013

Yes, lots of paintings found new homes this weekend, Lost Orchard, Last Stand, Mussel Shell I, Odessa’s Kitchen Floor ’50s , Odessa’s Kitchen Floor ’60s, Rose Mandala II,  Tickle, Do It, and Speak as well all my copies of Buddhist Tales Thank you to everyone,  I so appreciate your interest, and enthusiastic support!

Days End


I never did find time to get back to that painting!