Two’s Company!

You know, it’s always sweeter to be juried into a show by an artist whose work you think is simply fabulous and I just heard that not one, but two, of my portraits (Forte Pink and Dahlia Days) were selected by Gordon Smedt for the Los Gatos Art Association’s Fall Members Show! We really lucked out when he agreed to do it!

Two's Company - Forte Pink and Dahlia Days - Marie Cameron

I actually met Gordon Smedt last fall at the Eco Feast at Love Apple Farms in support of the Museums of Los Gatos. As serendipity would have it, the artists ended up sitting next to each other and got to talk studios!

Eco Feast at Love Apple Farm  - Marie Cameron 2013

I’ve been happy to check out Gordon’s webiste from time to time to see what’s new and I’ve been excited to see him represented downtown at JCO’s which is a great place to feature his large, colorful, pop-icon driven imagery. Did you you know the romance novelist, Danielle Steel is one of his patrons?  I understand she’s a fan of his super-sized cast-off condom wrapper painting!  I adore his work – it’s colorful and playful, the scale is fantastic (big, big, big!) and I love how he handles paint!

Gordon Smedt's Bathing Suits

Vintage bathing suits paintings by Los Gatos artist Gordon Smedt at JCO’s Happy Show.