Dress Form 360

Dress Form 360 Marie Cameron 2013

Vintage dress form shot from every gorgeous angle.

The dress from is such an elegant representation of the female form. It has a quiet feminine dignity that’s removed enough from the flesh and blood version to offer a depersonalized platform from which to make a statement. I particularly love this tattered, antique dress form that I photographed above as you can see her scars of age and the metal bones of her inner core. There is such an austere, worn beauty to her I may paint her as a straight portrait.


Dress Form Angel

Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 1Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 2Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 2

Dress Form Angel

I saw this time ravaged dress form glowing in the darkened window of Whatnots and  Dodads in Willow Glen one night. She was looking mysterious and winsome in her vintage pink crinoline and angel wings. I had enquired after her thinking it would make a dramatic painting but the dealer did not get back to me about a rental before the pink crinoline was sold. That’s what I found out today as I went in person ( this time with a camera in hand ). Now I have a 24 hour date with “Angel” and I’ll see if I can recreate in my studio some of that magic I glimpsed in the storefront.