Barnacle Bottles

Of course I am saddened and discouraged by the amount of garbage we dump into the ocean. I need to say that, it cannot be said enough.

And yet, I am smitten by these barnacle covered bottles. They have an almost poetic quality. Though delicate, they have weathered the tides, currents and waves and survived unbroken. They tell a story of the barnacles and bivalves that have made homes on them and within them. They speak to me of a resilience of both the glass and the ocean – and maybe of ourselves as well.

These castaways seem closer to art than to garbage.

My plan is to fill a large canvas with hundreds of these bottles, in one of what I’m coming to think of as my “object field” paintings. I hope my bottles will convey a message of protest and hope and awe.

Dress Form Angel

Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 1Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 2Dress Form from What Nots & Dodads Marie Cameron 2013 2

Dress Form Angel

I saw this time ravaged dress form glowing in the darkened window of Whatnots and  Dodads in Willow Glen one night. She was looking mysterious and winsome in her vintage pink crinoline and angel wings. I had enquired after her thinking it would make a dramatic painting but the dealer did not get back to me about a rental before the pink crinoline was sold. That’s what I found out today as I went in person ( this time with a camera in hand ). Now I have a 24 hour date with “Angel” and I’ll see if I can recreate in my studio some of that magic I glimpsed in the storefront.