Honoring the Legacy of David Park at SCU April 3−28

Yesterday was the opening of this invitational and juried exhibition at the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building at Santa Clara Univeristy which runs until April 28. Curated by John Seed upon invitation from Kelly Detweiler, Professor of Art, Santa Clara University, this show includes the work of two invited artists, Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver as well as 35 artists chosen by jurors, John Seed, DeWitt Cheng, Andrea Pappas and Jessica Phillips. These works were not selected as mere imitations of the paintings of David Park, the founder of Bay Area Figurative painting who turned to the figure in the time of abstraction, but to honor “artistic independence and integrity” and “his interest in painting people and places that held personal meaning”. It’s amazing to appreciate each artist’s approach to the figure and then to contemplate how individual pieces resonate and diverge with each other!

On Saturday, April 15, there will be a panel discussion at 4 pm (doors open at 3 pm)  followed by a reception.

I am so thrilled to have my painting Blue Corset included in this exciting show, with the work of so many talented artists!

Alix Bailey – K – oil on linen



Sue Ellen R. Leys – Asbury Surf (detail)

Phyllis Gorsen – Metro (detail)

Irene Cuadrado Hernandez – Julia Dreaminess (detail)

Melinda Cootsona – Horizon (detail)

Janet Norris – The River Comes In  (detail)

Nicholas Mancini – Galen, Shift (detail)

Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz – The Floral Dress (detail)

Kurt Solmssen – Reading Sociology (detail)

Linda Christensen – Lifeguard (detail)

Jennifer Pochinski – Strand (detail)

Kim Frohsin – Nightime at the Fair

William Rushton – Afternoon Light (detail)

Jill Madden – Super Moon Ski (detail)

Ashley Norwood Cooper – Glass Table (detail)

James Bland – Gold Trousers

Kathy Liao – Float (detail)

Kyle Staver – Flub and Tippy (detail)

There is a beautiful exhibition catalogue available for purchase by mail or download with full page images of the art, statements by the juried artists and interesting passages about the invited artists, Kyle Staver and Jennifer Pochinski as well as notes from the Curator John Seed and acknowledgements from Kelly Detweiler, Professor of Art at Santa Clara University who had made it all possible. Click here for the link.

Invited Artists: Jennifer Pochinski, Kyle Staver

Juried Artists: Alix Bailey, James Bland, Marie Cameron, Linda Christensen, Ashley Norwood Cooper, Melinda Cootsona, Kim Frohsin, Sonia Gill, Phyllis Gorsen, Cynthia Grili, Nancy Gruskin, Mark Hanson, Irene Cuadrado Hernandez, Mitchel Johnson, Betsy Kendall, Rachel Kline,Sue Ellen R. Leys, Kathy Liao, Fred Lower, Janet Norris, Gage Opdenbrouw, David Iacovazzi-Pau, Jill Madden, Nicholas Mancini, Sandy Ostrau, Catherine Prescott, Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz, William Rushton, Francis Sills, Kurt Solmssen, David Tomb, Christina Renfer Vogel, Martin Webb, John Webber, William Wray