In the Camelias

The thirty year old camellia tree in my neighbor’s front yard may be the only thing blooming this time of year. It’s quite a show stopper and is attracting a lot of birds – even in the rain!

I had to go over with my camera and see if I could get lucky – I did get a few shots of some birds but what I found myself enjoying even more was the damp fragrance of the flowers and the sound of wings (bees and hummers) buzzing in my ears.


Raindrops Keep Falling

I need little excuse to slip on my red rubber boots, pop open my bubble umbrella to slosh about to see how the world is transformed by a good down pour in our drought stricken state!

Pooling Rain - Marie Cameron 2014


Well, my world turned out to be very small today – I did make it to the studio of course and I love the way it looks so cozy there waiting for me.

Rainy Day Studio - Marie Cameron 2014


I was amazed to see how each raindrop on my umbrella contained a little image of my studio ( be it inverted and distorted ). Little moments of magic – keep it coming rain!