Brewing Violet Tea

Nosegay of Violets - Marie Cameron 2015I’ve been wanting to make a nosegay of violets for as long as I can remember (the violet is February’s flower and that’s the month I was born in)!  A nosegay is just what it sounds like – a happy nose. These miniature bouquets were made of fragrant flowers (as early as medieval times) to be worn close enough to smell them, on a broach or in the hair.  And what could be more perfect than the viola odoratta, the odorous violet (or sweet violet). In Victorian times this flower symbolized faithfulness and modesty and would have provided some relief from the less than pleasant scents of open sewers, horse dung filled streets and abundant body odor. For my purposes, I want to have a bouquet to match my antique teacups, as a setting for birds that I photograph and add to my painting schemes.

Violet Tea (sans oiseaux) I - Marie Cameron 2015


Violet Tea (sans oiseaux) II - Marie Cameron 2015


Violet Tea (sans oiseaux) III - Marie Cameron 2015


Violet Tea (sans oiseaux) IV- Marie Cameron 2015

Violet Tea stack - Marie Cameron 2015

Violet Tea stack by the studio- Marie Cameron 2015


The hand painting on these Bavarian teacups from the early part of the 20th century is so charming. A lovely launching point for painting my own take on violets.

Somehow making violet tea is akin to “drinking the Kool-aid” for me, creating a window where the whimsical might be possible – like a bird alighting on a teacup.

Bed of Violets

A bed of roses………. I’ve always loved that idea.

I have been playing with the notion of using other flowers to create beds based on their victorian meanings  (like my Forget-me-not Casket here and here) and while I envision life-sized beds, I couldn’t resist doing a miniature version when I found this vintage doll’s bed at an estate sale!

Faithfulness – Bed of Violets

Faithfulness - bed of violets Marie Cameron 2015


Faithfulness - a bed of violets - Marie Cameron (square) 2015


This was such a pleasure to put together. Once I had the dimensions of the bed, I found  sheets of moss and an old white enamel tray to line the bed. I used potted African violets as my garden violets weren’t in season. There were even drilled holes in the head “board” where I just slipped in my twisted wire cursive. I love this dear little thing but it just wets my appetite for the life sized double bed version!