Bed of Violets

A bed of roses………. I’ve always loved that idea.

I have been playing with the notion of using other flowers to create beds based on their victorian meanings  (like my Forget-me-not Casket here and here) and while I envision life-sized beds, I couldn’t resist doing a miniature version when I found this vintage doll’s bed at an estate sale!

Faithfulness – Bed of Violets

Faithfulness - bed of violets Marie Cameron 2015


Faithfulness - a bed of violets - Marie Cameron (square) 2015


This was such a pleasure to put together. Once I had the dimensions of the bed, I found  sheets of moss and an old white enamel tray to line the bed. I used potted African violets as my garden violets weren’t in season. There were even drilled holes in the head “board” where I just slipped in my twisted wire cursive. I love this dear little thing but it just wets my appetite for the life sized double bed version!


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