Reception Thanks

The best part of exhibiting is meeting with everyone that has come out to support me and check out the new work, seeing friends and clients and making new connections! It’s not just a social event but a real opportunity to see how people relate to the work, it’s really quite a privilege!

Thanks to everyone who was able to take some time out of their weekend to swing by, for the gift of home made ice cream sandwiches, the sprig of mimosa, and most of all your warm response and interest!

Cypress Rock at Los Gatos Museums Gallery

Cypress Rock at my Featured Artist reception at Los Gatos Museums Gallery

Reception Friends

Marie Hetherington brought delicious hand made ice cream sandwiches!

Reception Friends 2

Showing new work to dear friends (& art supporters).

Reception Pam & Marie

Happy to see arty blogster,  Pam Prentice!

Reception Larry Azrie and guests

Larry Azrie,  co-owner of the gallery,  introducing me to guests.

Reception Guests

The gallery is in the middle of downtown Los Gatos gets great foot traffic!

Third Reception Marie Cameron & my fab framer Dan Edwards

Here I am with my fab framer Dan Edwards whose shop is below the gallery.

Third Reception - Carol Ann and David

I always love talking with David and Carol Ann who have a number of my works in their collection.

Third Reception - new young fan

New fan Sophia was kind enough to ask permission to take pictures,   I asked her too!

Third Reception - Checking it out

Beyond the free standing painting display and allotted wall space I was able to set up a number of easels around the rooms and windows for the receptions.

Third Reception Marie Cameron with artists Joan Drennan and Pat Sherwood

Member artists Joan Drennan and Pat Sherwood lending a hand. Thank you ladies!

Shannon and Blue Corset

Painting Shannon’s likeness is a colorful moving target!

Odessa's Kitchen Floors Reception

Odessa’s Kitchen Floors were arrayed on easels on one of the gallery’s antiques.

Marie and Lynn LGMG

So great to see Lynn with her discerning eye and green thumb! I’m honored that she’s included a number of my works in her collection!

Gifts from D.C. Thanks, Jess, Makena & Zenia

I didn’t get to go to the inauguration, with my receptions and all but Jess, Makena and Zenia did – thanks for the souvenirs!

Painting meet iPhone case!

My dear friend Jess,  who has several of my originals,  now sports a gorgeous reproduction on her iPhone!

Cherry Blossom Spray on Jess's iphone

What to you think, should I be branching out? 

Marie Cameron Blooming Orchard 2010

My painting, Blooming Orchard, was purchased by collectors from Monte Sereno!

  1. Love seeing all these paintings and people out to see these paintings. The people are just as diverse as the work, and what lovely contrast, the life and colour on the walls, the life and colour milling about. Exhibitions are so different from the solitary nature of the life of the artist in the studio. I do hope you can slip back into your peaceful studio and creature more splendour for us to gaze upon.

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