Blue Corset & David Park

I am delighted to share that my painting, Blue Corset has been selected for the upcoming exhibition, Honoring the Legacy of David Park, at Santa Clara University, April 3-28. This show, supported by a grant from the Sam Francis Foundation, will be anchored by the amazing work of Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver with a panel discussion and reception on April 15 from 4-7pm.

David Park – Seated Figure, 1960 (artnet)

You may wonder how my work relates to the bold abstracted figures of David Park, but more than seeking out pieces that are a close copy of his style, this show called on artists that honor Park’s “legacy of artistic honesty, strong work ethic, and commitment to the figure”.

For a bit of background, John Seed, who helped to organize this exhibition, wrote a very moving piece for the Huffington Post which really touched a cord with me – Social Media Friendships, Artists As A Tribe And An Homage To Artist David Park (1911-1960), underscoring how meaningful creating an artistic community and paying it forward can be!