Honoring the Legacy of David Park -Today!

Doors open 3pm

Panel discussion 4pm

Reception to follow

Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building, 100 Franklin St. Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California.

I am so very honored to have my painting Blue Corset included with all of these great figurative artists!

Blue Corset & David Park

I am delighted to share that my painting, Blue Corset has been selected for the upcoming exhibition, Honoring the Legacy of David Park, at Santa Clara University, April 3-28. This show, supported by a grant from the Sam Francis Foundation, will be anchored by the amazing work of Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver with a panel discussion and reception on April 15 from 4-7pm.

David Park – Seated Figure, 1960 (artnet)

You may wonder how my work relates to the bold abstracted figures of David Park, but more than seeking out pieces that are a close copy of his style, this show called on artists that honor Park’s “legacy of artistic honesty, strong work ethic, and commitment to the figure”.

For a bit of background, John Seed, who helped to organize this exhibition, wrote a very moving piece for the Huffington Post which really touched a cord with me – Social Media Friendships, Artists As A Tribe And An Homage To Artist David Park (1911-1960), underscoring how meaningful creating an artistic community and paying it forward can be!

Blue Corset Makes Tracks

Blue Corset  by Marie Cameron grows legs 2013

Blue Corset has made tracks to Novato for the Summer National Exhibition at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, and I’m making tracks too  – the reception is tonight from 5- 7 pm in the gorgeous, 1932 Spanish colonial Novato Art Center at Hamilton Field (the “Hollywood of military bases”) where MMOCA makes it’s home.

I am honored to be included in this national exhibition, juried by George Rivera the long time Executive Director and Senior Curator of Santa Clara’s Triton Museum of Art, who just recently announced that he will be stepping down and  returning to his own successful art career full time!

Can’t wait to see all the work!


Raining Paintings

I was running around today dropping off paintings for exhibition at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery and the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto – I was grateful for the break in the rain but you can tell the damage was already done to my do! ( what do?)

More importantly, the paintings were fine and I was happy to see my model for Blue Corset and happier still that she likes the painting, you can never tell what the reaction might be!

Marie Cameron, Blue Corset & Model

If I managed to capture the slightest bit of Shannon’s fabulosity in my painting Blue Corset I’m thrilled. She was a great model!

Dropping off Dragon Pajamas to the Los Gatos Museums Gallery

Dragon Pajama boy will keep Blue Corset girl company at the gallery!

Dropping off Cypress Crescent at PAL

Cypress Crescent went to the Pacific Art League’s new temporary digs for the Member’s Show which will run the month of February. Darn that glare!




Painting of Blue Corset

Is painting a portrait so different from painting a flower of a tree? Isn’t it all just color and lines and angles? Perhaps this is so for some figure painting but when it comes to portraits there is heightened question of likeness, emotion, expression and character and maybe all of this can be said of a twisted old pine but we are not hardwired to conifers, our neurons light up for people.

I like a portrait that engages the viewer, that can convey who they are or what they’re feeling through their posture, expression and most of all through the eyes. In Blue Corset the direct gaze is the key to the painting and everything else, the vibrant  colors, patterns, textures and style, the busy out of focus bulletin board in the background and the intriguing tattoo are all there to give a glimpse at what might lie behind those eyes.

Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 1Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 2Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 3Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 4Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 5Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 6Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 7Painting of Blue Corset - Marie Cameron 2013 8Painting of Blue Corset 36x24 Marie Cameron 2013 9