Honoring the Legacy of David Park – Reception – SCU

Honoring the Legacy of David Park
Edward M Dowd Art and Art History Building
Santa Clara Univiersity
April 3 − 28 2017


The Panel Discussion and Reception for the Honoring the Legacy of David Park exhibition curated by John Seed and organized by Kelly Detweiler was truly memorable! There was a fascinating Panel Discussion with Jennifer Pochinski, Helen Park Bigelow, John Seed , DeWitt Cheng and Kelly Detweiler.

The show was juried by John Seed, DeWitt Cheng, Jessica Phillips and Andrea Pappas. Congratulations to the winners Gage OpdenbrouwKurt SolmssenMark HansonBetsy Kendall and Phyllis Hersh Gorsen!

Invited Artists:
Kyle Staver
Jennifer Pochinski

Juried Artists:
Alix Bailey, James Bland, Marie Cameron, Linda Christensen, Ashley Norwood Cooper, Melinda Cootsona, Kim Frohsin, Sonia Gill, Phyllis Gorsen, Cynthia Grili, Nancy Gruskin, Mark Hanson, Irene Cuadrado Hernandez, Mitchel Johnson, Betsy Kendall, Rachel Kline,Sue Ellen R. Leys, Kathy Liao, Fred Lower, Janet Norris, Gage Opdenbrouw, David Iacovazzi-Pau, Jill Madden, Nicholas Mancini, Sandy Ostrau, Catherine Prescott, Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz, William Rushton, Francis Sills, Kurt Solmssen, David Tomb, Christina Renfer Vogel, Martin Webb, John Webber, William Wray

There is a beautiful exhibition catalogue available online:

David Park
Woman with Red Mouth
(reproduction – original oil on canvas

Curator John Seed with Kyle Staver’s Biker Trilogy.

Curator John Seed with Dead Dog from Kyle Staver’s Biker Trilogy.

Curator John Seed with Jennifer Pochinski’s Strand and Two Women.

Jennifer Pochinski with her oil paintings Strand and Two Women.

Mitchell Johnson with his oil painting Met Breuer 1.

Kim Frohsin with her acrylic, pencil and ink painting, Nightime at the Fair.

Gage Opdenbrouw with his oil painting Garden (Garland of Hours).




Mark Hanson with his oil, Late Afternoon.

Me with my oil pairing Blue Corset.

Sue Ellen R. Leys with her encaustic Asbury Surf.

Martin Webb with his mixed media painting Boatbuilding.

Kathy Liao and her oil painting Float.

David Tomb with his charcoal drawing, Quiet Conversations (and artist Kim Frohsin).

Linda Christensen and her oil painting Lifeguard.

William Rushton with his oil painting Afternoon Light.

Sonia Gill with her oil painting The Assistant.

David Iacovazzi-Pau with his oil painting Tom & Billy (portrait of Tom Schneph and Billy Hertz).

Sandy Ostrau with her oil painting Whale Watch.

Cynthia Grilli with her oil painting The Envelope.

Sonia Gill with her oil painting The Assistant.

Honoring the Legacy of David Park Panel Discussion. Jennifer Pochinski, Helen Park Bigelow (Davis Park’s daughter and author of  David Park, Painter: Nothing Held Back, John SeedDeWitt Cheng and Kelly Detweiler.

Linda Fleming’s newly installed painted steel sculpture.
Edward M. Dowd Art & Art History B

Linda Fleming’s newly installed painted steel sculpture.
Edward M. Dowd Art & Art History Building
Santa Clara University

Blue Corset & David Park

I am delighted to share that my painting, Blue Corset has been selected for the upcoming exhibition, Honoring the Legacy of David Park, at Santa Clara University, April 3-28. This show, supported by a grant from the Sam Francis Foundation, will be anchored by the amazing work of Jennifer Pochinski and Kyle Staver with a panel discussion and reception on April 15 from 4-7pm.

David Park – Seated Figure, 1960 (artnet)

You may wonder how my work relates to the bold abstracted figures of David Park, but more than seeking out pieces that are a close copy of his style, this show called on artists that honor Park’s “legacy of artistic honesty, strong work ethic, and commitment to the figure”.

For a bit of background, John Seed, who helped to organize this exhibition, wrote a very moving piece for the Huffington Post which really touched a cord with me – Social Media Friendships, Artists As A Tribe And An Homage To Artist David Park (1911-1960), underscoring how meaningful creating an artistic community and paying it forward can be!

John Seed’s Mashterpieces


John Seed is a painter, writer, curator and  professor of art and art history at Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California. He’s also pretty handy with Photoshop. He has written for the likes of Arts of Asia, Art Ltd., Catamaran, Harvard Magazine, International Artist, Hyperallergic and Poets and Artists, Huffington Post and Hyperallergic.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting John Seed at the opening reception for his Mashterpieces on exhibit through May 15 at the Stanford Art Spaces, second floor of the Paul Allen Building Annex until May 12.

DeWitt Cheng, curator of Stanford Art Spaces with John Seed in front of a wall of playful and witty mashups from art history and contemporary times. These pieces were  skillfully created by combining Wikipedia common use images of art with those from contemporary news resulting in digitally manipulated photographs that are at once familiar and strange, amusing and unsettling. Notice how the light sources all line up and all the transitions are seamless! I like the way the artist refers to the mashups as “parlor games” which I think is so true, a kind of high minded amusement of guessing the artist, the painting and then decoding how it all reflects on the contemporary subjects that are inserted into these worlds. The more versed one is in their art history and current events – the more pleasure one gleans from the game.

Édouard Manet – A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders)

Giotto – St. Francis Preaching to the Birds (with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton)

The piece of Bernie preaching to the birds is a more recent work which is not included in the exhibit, but it’s go good,  just wanted to share it.

Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio) – The Sacrifice of Issac (with Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump)

John Singleton Copley – Paul Revere (replaced by Jeb Bush with his gun)

Michelangelo Merisi (Caravaggio) – The Lute Player (with Marco Rubio)

Bronzino (Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano) – Portrait of a Young Man (with Ted Cruz)

Rembrandt – Bearded Man (with Headphones)

Jean-Léon Gérôme  – Diogenes (with Ai Weiwei)

This is my personal favorite. I find the portrait of the artist banished to live on the fringe of society, living in moral protest quite moving and how befitting is it that Ai Weiwei would be  living in a pot!

With the Primaries raging I couldn’t resist a Hillary and Bernie T! If you’re interested, T-shirts and prints of John Seed’s work can be ordered here on Zazzle.

All photographs of John Seed’s Mashterpieces published here, courtesy of the artist.