The Day I Saw That Night in Toronto

The one show I had to see while in Toronto…That Night in Toronto!

Curated by The Jealous Curator (AKA Danielle Krysa), this exhibition of 10 Canadian artists pays tribute to the poetry / lyrics of the Tragically Hip with 20% of sales to be donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research! As Daniella Krysa notes, “This show is a heartfelt tribute from one group of Canadians to another – and simply our way of saying, “Hey man, Thanks”. The show at Mayberry Fine Art was slated to run July 1 − 31  but I believe may have been extended…

I have been a big fan of The Jealous Curator’s blog and podcast, Art for Your Ear so I was pretty thrilled to hear that this show she was curating my actually concide with a family vacation in the vicinity. I was stoked to see her playful mixed media collage in person and see a show curated with her fresh and distinctive eye! I didn’t get a shot of everything in this fascinating show but a pretty good representation, where possible I have included lots of links to the artists websites.

Danielle Krysa – Tired as fuck I want to stop so much I almost don’t want to stop – found image and gouache – 2017 (detail)

Danielle Krysa – Culled and wooed, bitten, chewed, It won’t hurt you if you don’t move – found image and gouache – 2017

Sara Genn -We get to feel small – oil on canvas – 2017

Ben Skinner – If Only We Had Nothing To Say – mixed media – 2017

Annyen Lam – In my head the game goes quiet  – lithograph, monoprint, handout paper – 2017

Don Proch – The Gord Landscape with Passing Comet and Jean Jacket Collar – mixed media – 2017

Sean William Randall – I Thought of Leaving it Behind – acrylic – 2017

Meghan Hildebrand – After a glimpse over the top – acrylic on canvas – 2017

Sarah Gee Miller  – What Blue – acrylic and styrene on panel – 2017

Jay Dart – Lookin’ Fer A Place t’Happen – graphite and watercolor on paper – 2017

Joe Fafard – Doves of War – laser cut steel and powder coating – 2017

Ben Skinner – All Of My Heroes Are Women – mixed media – 2017

(with reflection)

My daughter who was tagging along also loved the show…now I need to introduce her to the band!

Mayberry Fine Art is a lovely gallery, just across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario, where it turns out we even had time to take in the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit and at least 4 of the group of 7!!!

For more on the show here is a link to a video of the show and a CBC Radio review on John Power’s Q.

Oh yes, and here’s the song, That Night in Toronto by The Tragically Hip!