Figures & Faces

Figures & Faces opened last night at Pacific Art League and we were very lucky to have juror, Ric Ambrose, Executive Director of the Richmond Arts Center join us. He was impressed with the quality and content of the submissions for this show, making this the   best Figures & Faces exhibition at PAL to date!  In this post I’ve linked the artist’s websites to their names where available. The exhibition runs until August 27, 2015.

PAL FB Screenshot - Figures and Faces 2015

Here’s a screen shot from PAL’s Facebook page (reception reminder)….

Figures and Faces 2015 PAL Reception - photo Marie Cameron

…and PAL always puts on a lovely reception.

Figures and Faces - Marie Cameron - 2015

I was very proud to have three oils selected, Blue Corset, Dahlia Days and Forte Pink, all pieces from my people at work series.

Ric Ambrose - Juror, Marie Cameron- Figures and Faces 2015

I was delighted when Ric Ambrose told me he saw these pieces as a triptych!

Figures and Faces 2015- PAL - Spirit ans Self - HD Video - Lizzie Brooks - 1st - photo Marie Cameron

Lizzie Brooks was awarded first place for her HD video and photos Spirit and Self, seen here in a still.

Figures and Faces - PAL - 2015 -1st place - Spirit and Self - Lizzie Brooks -photo Marie Cameron

Rick Ambrose recommended a quiet viewing of the video before the end of the exhibition to take in it’s full depth and texture.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015- Ric Ambrose, Diane Abt, Lin Fischer - photo Marie Cameron

Ric Ambrose with award wining artists, Diane Abt and Lin Fischer.

Figures and Faces - PAL - 2015  2nd place Lin Fischer- Side ways Glance- photo Marie Cameron

Lin Fischer received second place for her acrylic Sideways Glance.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015 - Diane Abt - Malala-One Girl Among Many  3rd  - photo Marie Cameron

Diane Abt was awarded third place for solvent transfer, encaustic, sumo ink, and thread sen to Japanese paper work, Malala : One Girl Among Many.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015- Ned Axthelm - Friday Night Jacket  - photo Marie Cameron

Ned Axthelm was given an honorable mention for his oil, Friday Night Jacket.

Figures and Faces - PAL - 2015 - Lino Azevedo - Untitled- photo Marie Cameron

Lino Azevedo won an honorable mention for his mixed media, Untitled.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015  - photo Marie Cameron

Tom Montan took an honorable mention for his oil, Danny.

Figures and Faces - PAL  2015 - photo Marie Cameron

Rachel Dwan‘s oil Florian.

Figures and Faces - PAL - 2015 - photo Marie Cameron

Empty Nester.

Figures and Faces - PAL - 2015 - photo Marie Cameron

Love how this wall works!

Figures and Faces PAL 2015 -Claudie Lee Browne - Two Sisters  - photo Marie Cameron

Claudia Lee Browne and her oil, Two Sisters.

Figures and Faces - PAL  2015 - Svetlana Neal - Melody  - photo Marie Cameron.jpg

Svetlana Neal‘s oil, Melody.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015 - Laurie Barna-The Face of Liberty - photo Marie Cameron

Laurie Barna‘s torn paper collage, Face of Liberty.

Figures and Faces PAL 2015 apres show - photo Marie Cameron

Leaving I realized that I missed something…

Figures and Faces PAL 2015- Post reception meeting - Tina Maier- honorable mention  - photo Marie Cameron73″ />

Tina Maier also won an honorable mention for her mixed media sculpture but as a board meeting was in progress,  an outdoor snap was going to have to suffice.

SWAN Day Exhibition

Bankhead TheaterThe SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day Exhibition showing at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore (a beautiful facility that will get a steady audience through on show nights) is the very first all women’s show I think I’ve ever participated in!

The show was arranged by SVWAC, the Silicon Valley Women’s Art Caucus and juried by Linda Ryan, Manager of the Bothwell Arts Center, Curator of the Bankhead Theater Exhibition Program and a member of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center (LVPAC).

It was such a pleasure to meet so many interesting female artists working in a great variety of media with unique approaches to their art. Here is just a glimpse of the show from the April 2nd reception and a few of the participating artists. Links to their websites are provided by clicking on their names (where applicable and when I managed to hang onto their business cards).

Swan Day Exhibition VIP room  Bankhead Theater 2015

The swanky VIP room at the Bankhead Theater.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Gerri Russell

Gerri Russell and two of her abstract mixed media pieces.

Marie Cameron At SWAN Day exhibit Bankhead Theater 2015

Marie Cameron with Dahlia Days.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Rachel Tirosh

Rachel Tirosh and two of her mixed media abstracts.

SWAN Day Exhibition - Dancing in the Rain 2015

Sandra Myers and her acrylic Rain Dance.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Lynda Briggs

Lynda Briggs and her acrylic Black Swan.

SWAN Day Exhibition - Kerry Joy McGehee

Kerry Joy McGehee and her photograph of a sunflower.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Lynne Todaro

Lynne Todaro and her mixed media assemblage Homage to Louise.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Pop! - Tina Maier's       SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Tina Maier       SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Blue Thing - Tina Maier

Tina Maier and fabric constructions, Pop!, Noisemaker, Blue Thing.

SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Jane Peterman

Jane Peterman and her acrylic To Divorce or Not.

SWAN Day Exhibition - Live Music

Lovely live music!

SWAN Day Exhibition - Marie Cameron Feathers 2015               SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Nathalia             SWAN Day Exhibition Reception - Susan Kraft

Marie Cameron, Nathalia and Susan Kraft.

Swan Day Exhibition - Swan Cards


There were party favors too!

To learn more about SWAN and SVWCA visit: at