Frozen Thoughts Finished

I love the way Frozen Thoughts has turned out! I can imagine an entire wall dotted by these convex paintings in various sizes. I think that this format completely emphasizes the ephemerality of the fragile floral subject matter like bubbles of moments caught in time.

Marie Cameron Frozen Thoughts 2012 oil on canvas 16" x 16"

Frozen Thoughts convex painting by Marie Cameron 2012 oil on canvas 16″ x 16″

  1. Karen says:

    Marie, This painting is absolutely beautiful. I love the convex format! Your blog is so inspiring. I spent yesterday afternoon looking through it. I look forward to visiting your studio soon. Karen

  2. mariecameron says:

    Thanks Karen for your kind words. I’m so new a the blogging bit, it’s nice to get feedback! I look forward to having you visit the studio too!

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