Frozen Thoughts Finished

I love the way Frozen Thoughts has turned out! I can imagine an entire wall dotted by these convex paintings in various sizes. I think that this format completely emphasizes the ephemerality of the fragile floral subject matter like bubbles of moments caught in time.

Marie Cameron Frozen Thoughts 2012 oil on canvas 16" x 16"

Frozen Thoughts convex painting by Marie Cameron 2012 oil on canvas 16″ x 16″

Frozen Thoughts

I have lots of must dos and should dos on my agenda. Too many musts and shoulds can stifle creativity and I really needed to do something just on a whim.  On Friday I took out a convex canvas I had kicking about the studio and knew it would be a great match for the heartsease paperweight I had photographed earlier this fall (sometimes you don’t even know you want to paint something until you photograph it). Here’s how it’s coming along.

Heartsease Paperweight - photo Marie Cameron 2012

I love how the paperweight has trapped the flowers in time.

Heartsease Paperweight  photo Marie Cameron 2012

These heartsease ( aka pansies or violas) symbolize thoughts.

Heartsease Paperweight  - photo Marie Cameron 2012

Even more than a painting, a paperweight captures a moment.

Frozen Thoughts Computer Reference Marie Cameron 2012

Printer’s out of ink – I had to access photo from the computer.

Frozen Thoughts in Progress 1 Marie Cameron 2012

I’ve painted in the outlines of the flowers and leaves to establish shapes and flow.

Frozen Thoughts in Progress 2 Marie Cameron 2012

I’ve begun to fill in segments of the flowers and back ground.


Frozen Thoughts 3 Marie Cameron 2012

I try to develop the reflections to help create the illusion of a glass dome.

Frozen Thoughts 4 Marie Cameron 2012

Developing richness and detail.


Frozen Thoughts 5 Marie Cameron 2012

Fine tuning those reflections.